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   Holding Court by Clive James (TLS)
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   Author  Thread: Holding Court by Clive James (TLS)  (Read 6750 times)
Kevin Cryan
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I love Midnight Voices!

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Holding Court by Clive James (TLS)
« : 04.03.13 at 20:58 »

Retreating from the world, all I can do
Is build a new world, one demanding less
Acute assessments. Too deaf to keep pace
With conversation, I donít try to guess
At meanings, or unpack a stroke of wit,
But just send silent signals with my face
That claim Iíve not succumbed to loneliness
And might be ready to come in on cue.
People still turn towards me where I sit.
I used to notice everything, and spoke
A language full of details that Iíd seen,
And people were amused; but now I see  
Only a little way. What can they mean,
My phrases? They come drifting like the mist
I look through if someone appears to be
Smiling in my direction. Have they been?
This was the time when I most liked to smoke.
My watch-band feels too loose around my wrist.
My body, sensitive in every way
Save one, can still proceed from chair to chair,
But in my mind the fires are dying fast.
Breathe through a scarf. Steer clear of the cold air.
Think less of love and all that you have lost.
You have no future so forget the past.
Let this be no occasion for despair.
Cherish the prison of your waning day.
Remember liberty, and what it cost.
Be pleased that things are simple now, at least,
As certitude succeeds bewilderment.
The storm blew out and this is the dead calm.
The pain is going where the passion went.
Few things will move you now to lose your head
And you can cause, or be caused, little harm.
Tonight you leave your audience content:
You were the ghost they wanted at the feast,
Though none of them recalls a word you said.
(First published in the Times Literary Supplement)
Kevin Cryan
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SeŠn Kelly
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Re: Holding Court by Clive James (TLS)
« Reply #1: 31.03.13 at 16:48 »

Thankyou Kevin for posting this - very much appreciated.  And thankyou Clive for writing it (and of course TLS..).  It seems to me a remarkable piece of writing (even from Clive!).
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