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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 21:44)

Title: Shrinks gig
Post by Jan on Today at 21:44
Will the Shrinks gig at Bristol County Sports Club, Colston St, Bristol on Friday 1st December include solo spots? (Just in case there are any Atkin fans in the vicinity on that date)

Title: Re: Shrinks gig
Post by Jan on 04.12.06 at 22:25
Well it seems I'll have to reply to my own question here!
The gig didn't include any solo spots and there was an MV in the vicinity.

I hadn't seen the Shrinks since the summer of 2004 before I moved to Yorkshire, so I decided to give myself an early Christmas treat and go to see them at the Bristol County Sports Club last Friday night. I've got the CDs but as Simon Reap said some time ago "Live is better".

Anyone who hasn't been to a Shrinks gig should know that the audience often includes a large number of family and friends of the band resulting in a very convivial gathering and on this occasion it was also percussionist Simon Fish's birthday. Not that you could see a lot of Simon. The full band was in attendance: Dave Brown, Dave Lewis, Guy Prichard, Pete Atkin,Tim Fish and Simon Fish, as well as Hilary Steven who must nearly be a permanent Shrink by now, and all except Pete fitted on the very small stage (don't move your guitar too much or you'll have someone's eye out!)

For me the highlights of the evening were Dave Brown's 'One too many for the road', sad and funny, a rocking performance of 'More money' and a superb cover version of Tom Waits' Chocolate Jesus. As well as Dave Brown's songs, some of them new to me and unrecorded as yet,  the two sets included quite a few other covers by Gram Parsons (Ooh Las Vegas), John Prine (Silent night and Ain't hurting nobody), Kinky Friedman (Sold American), Lucinda Williams (Lake Charles) and Randy Newman (Big hat, no cattle) which produced a nice variety although personally I'm quite attached to a number of Dave Brown's songs particularly those with lots of keyboard  ;)
It was lovely to see Pete again and I was pleased to hear that he's spending more time on his music at present. The lady to sitting next to me said she thought he was a very good keyboard player. I didn't disagree.

I gather that Simon may not be appearing as regularly with the band in future and the biography of another percussionist, James Ryan, has been added to the  Shrinks website (http://www.theshrinks.com/bandGuest.html). He seems to have an interesting biography as do the rest of the band for whom playing together seems to be as much of a treat for them as for the audience.


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