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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 10:20)

Title: Further Along The Road
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 10:20
Yes, there's a new Shrinks CD featuring (OK, including) the keyboard of yours truly in various guises courtesy of that nice Mr Korg.    Just click on "Shop" there at the top of the page to discover the bargain pricing arrangements for all Shrinks product and the opportunity to have a copy in your eager hands as soon as the Hillside Fulfilment Team and Her Majesty's mail service can combine to ensure, i.e. PDQ.


Title: Re: Further Along The Road
Post by reb on 18.07.06 at 11:29
So thats a Korg accordion on the last track ?

Pretty darn good, the album, IMO, and this is from someone who
wouldn't normally expect to like the more overtly C&W-style tracks
- must be the way they're played.

And of course the big question is...  
could this be the first song ever on the subject of ironing ?

Roger B.

Title: Re: Further Along The Road
Post by Jan on 22.07.06 at 21:20
Not the first on the subject of ironing http://sniff.numachi.com/pages/tiSMTHIRON;ttSMTHIRON.html but probably the first with a male ironer!

Dave Brown is no stranger to the domestic arts as he demonstrated on the CD On the stoop . He has  done the washing up
cleaned up after the kids
and in the superb song While you were gone he demonstrated his awareness of a range of household opportunities
(The CD is not listed on the Hillside shop but there are details on
http://www.theshrinks.com/recording.html although I'm sure the Shrinks would rather you bought the new CD!)

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