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(Message started by: Phil C on Today at 12:13)

Title: Aha! So these are the Shrinks!
Post by Phil C on Today at 12:13
I think I'm always going to be the newbie, the one who doesn't quite know how everything all fits together vis a vis Pete 'n' Clive. But I'm always up for a little something new now and again. The likes of Iron Maiden jostle for a place at the front of my iPod with the likes of Norah Jones - thus, I suppose, making the likes of Bruce Dickinson a very lucky fella.
So, finally having discovered the Shrinks, I must say I'm intrigued. Most eclectic, in the best of senses... and given the musical endeavours my friends and my brother have been making with me, I claim myself to be modestly able to comment. After all, with a deathmetaller for a drummer, a classically trained violinist, one of the finest lead guitarists I've ever heard and a Motorheadbanger bassist who wants to cut his teeth doing folk locally in Aberystwyth (!), "eclectic" is about the only word one can realistically use.
More updates on that score to those who wants to know, as they happen...


Phil C.

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