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(Message started by: Ben Coulson on Today at 00:21)

Title: Shrinks CDs
Post by Ben Coulson on Today at 00:21
Looks like I'm the first person to post a new message in the "Shrinks" forum who isn't actually a member of said band, but here goes...

Having recently (well 3 months ago anyway) purchased a copy of "More Damned Lies", and having loved every minute of it, (even the pauses between tracks are great, simply for the anticipation), I was wondering where, if anywhere, I could purchase the other CDs, as they are not listed in the Hillside Shop section of the website.

I vaguely recall an address being mentioned in an MV message where one could send cheques but I thought I would rather ask in the new forum rather than searching the 'old' MV archive.

I rather think that Pete has "landed on his feet" again with his fellow members of The Shrinks, talented musicians and lyricists, who never cease to amaze me, much as Clive's lyrics did, and indeed still do. I just love the "matching opposites" in the lines of the (excuse inexact title here) Wayne and Sandra / Fred and Ginger song.

That's all for now.

Title: Re: Shrinks CDs
Post by Snoopy on Today at 07:01
Hi Ben,

Details are on their new website (http://www.theshrinks.com/recording.html).


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