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(Message started by: Dave_Lewis on Today at 22:34)

Title: Welcome!
Post by Dave_Lewis on Today at 22:34
OK, Welcome to the Shrinks section, somewhere out on the back lot of this forum, where tumbleweed blows under the wheels of green double deckers, and the sound of high-lonesome can be heard over the roar of the Portway.
Here are the rules:
1. No fighting.
2. No ad hominem attacks.
3. No mention of Phil Collins.
4. Er, thats it.

Nothing is off-topic, unless I decide it is. Ahaha. We have an enormous amount of enthusiasm for every type of music there ever was, so if you want to start a thread on Peruvian nose-flute polkas or, well, you get the idea, go right ahead. We love 'em all - from Martin Carthy to Steely Dan, Pharoah Saunders to Rolf Harris, Spike Jones to Leonard Cohen......and everywhere in between.
Oh, and The Shrinks website is  http://www.theshrinks.com


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