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(Message started by: Chris H on Today at 20:07)

Title: Janis Ian comment about National Steel lyric
Post by Chris H on Today at 20:07
Hi All,
I was just listening to an old recording of a BBC Scotland Musical Legends episode with Janis Ian interviewed by Tom Morton.
Janis Ian tells the story about her Martin D18 guitar being stolen and how she eventually got it back 26 years later.  She says that every guitar has its own songs. Tom says "There's great song from Pete Atkin, with the lyric by Clive James about a guy looking at a guitar in a shop window" and then he quotes the line from National Steel "There are dead men still alive in that guitar" and Janis Ian responds enthusiastically "Oh God, what a great line"
The BBC Radio Scotland website shows the episode as not currently available, but it may be possible to find it somewhere.


Thought it was an interesting snippet.
Chris H

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