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(Message started by: MikeGoss on Today at 10:49)

Title: Midnight Voices
Post by MikeGoss on Today at 10:49
Anyone have an opinion on the new interpretations of old songs as recorded on Midnight Voices, the 2007 CD?


Title: Re: Midnight Voices
Post by Terry_Caster on 16.02.23 at 18:34
In my view it is a really nice blend of old/new - fresher, but with the nuances of the 'maturity' of intervening years. I (currently) listen to these versions more often. Mind you, for the variety of a young/less young artist's interpretation of a well known song I recommend Marianne Faithfull's (comparatively) recent versions of old stuff, eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGwPn8WEV58

And that sets me in mind of artists who could possibly do excellent covers of Atkin/James compositions. I reckon Marianne would be up there, and I'll throw Steve Harley into the mix too.

Title: Re: Midnight Voices
Post by MikeGoss on 17.02.23 at 09:38
Other artists covering the songs - interesting thought. I've not listened to anyone's cover of the songs, Pete Atkin has such a distinctive voice (actual) and Clive James the same (figarative) that I have grown accustomed to over the years, that I have never sought out other versions, perhaps I might.

Back to Midnight Voices - I really don't think the re-working of Master Of The Revels works - the original has such a distictive , quirky, feel to it that anything else jars a bit.

Perhaps I'm just a bit to conservative.


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