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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 23:32)

Title: Together At Last
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:32
Not a new song, but new to those of us who missed the 1975 'Together at Last' UK tour, when Clive James joined Pete on stage for the first time in Pete's solo touring career. Clive wrote a programme note for the tour, warning advising his audiences what to expect:


The eponymous song, which I believe closed each show (I was there in the audience at Sheffield Poly on October 2nd, 1975, but my memory fails me on this detail) would have had its last exposure at Newcastle University on November 15th of that year, see tour dates -

(were you there?)

- and hasn't been heard in public since. Until last Saturday:


Pete was at the Pheasantry in King's Road, Chelsea (London) on one of his now regular gigs at Pizza Express's historic venue, with Simon Wallace accompanying on piano, and he decided for the encore to give Together At Last an outing, with a segue into his ever-popular The Original Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues.

MV friend Seán Kelly was there (his review and photos of the event can be found elsewhere on MV (https://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=App;action=display;num=1634463164;start=0#0)), and he was able to capture the moment on video. Here it is on YouTube:


Thanks to Seán for letting us use this. Apologies though for the wandering stereo image.

I was moved to update the Discography entry for the song, and created a new page with lyrics and chords, and links to our audio mini-player's copy of the song. The chords are here:


and the audio player is here:


For want of a less cheesy expression, Enjoy!


Title: Re: Together At Last
Post by Seán Kelly on 22.10.21 at 14:40
Thanks for this Steve - although it is I who should apologise for the wandering stereo image since it was surely one of my big fingers moving over the little microphone inlet that caused it! But hey I didn't know it was going to go on public record for posterity...  Expect to see me sitting in the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio parked just outside the Pheasantry next time  ;)

Title: Re: Together At Last
Post by Avner Greenberg on 23.10.21 at 17:11
How great to have this charming song brought out of wraps after so many years.
A lovely celebration of that remarkable partnership.
THANK YOU again gentlemen for bringing it to the mass public.

Title: Re: Together At Last
Post by Andrew Long on 16.02.22 at 17:57
I have to agree with Avner.
Its also great fun trying to identify the partnerships. I didn't expect to hear Rosewall and Hoad!

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