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(Message started by: Stradageek on Today at 17:01)

Title: Pete and Clive rediscovered
Post by Stradageek on Today at 17:01
Well not really, the full album collection from the 70's is well worn and I've caught the duo at three or four gigs.  But I recently dug out my copy of History and Geography and shed a tear to find it signed by the late great Clive.  This prompted me to return to the Smash Flops site after a long hiatus to discover the publication of Loose Canon which I ordered and read in successive days.

Then (shame on me) I discovered that I was three albums short of the set and that History and Geography was only the taster to the MAGNIFICENT trio of following CD's.

I hope Pete reads this because I have been playing A Dream of Fair Women, Winter Spring and The Colours of the Night almost continually since I received them and I think these songs are some of the best of Pete and Clive ever!

Being analytical in my latter years I've been pondering on why my musical passions centre on Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Soft Machine and Pete and Clive.  So here's a thought: Much as Jazz holds me in a wonderful tension as the melody drifts off into the ether only to return in power as the tune concludes so I love the way Clives' lyrics leave me hanging (when I can't quite make out what he means) but it doesn't matter because Pete's music carries the meaning so clearly it almost fills the gaps.

Does this make any sense?

Anyway Pete, BRILLIANT

Title: Re: Pete and Clive rediscovered
Post by Pete Atkin on 06.02.20 at 12:08
Yes, I've read it!   Thank you so much for all of that - it's a great story, and one I'd be nothing but pleased to know was repeated all over the place.   No shame at all in discovering stuff after - even long after - the event.  I've done it myself many times.

What you say about how the music words alongside the words is interesting and encouraging - even if a little mysterious!   I can't claim it's a conscious part of my intentions, but in another way I guess it sort of is - a part of trying to make the words and the music match up somehow, to make the music more than just an arbitrary tune that fits.  And that's certainly mysterious if you like.

So thank you again.

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