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(Message started by: Sylfest on Today at 09:36)

Title: The colours of the electoral night
Post by Sylfest on Today at 09:36
For some of us, there's a faint but steady Atkin/James soundtrack running somewhere in the subconscious. In one of my all-time favourite Midnight Voices posts, Stephen Payne - alluding to a habit of involuntarily singing too loud to himself - wisely remarked:
""Just lying there were ladies so old they hardly bled, Thin kids who never needed a red hole in the head" is not appreciated out of context by the average Tesco's shop."

The soundtrack for the aftermath of this general election has to be Here we Stay. I'm tired of tactical voting, so I had performed the act yesterday according to my conscience but without any hope of a successful outcome. Watching the results unfold, I could pick any line from that song...

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