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(Message started by: Ian Ashleigh on Today at 14:40)

Title: Toppermost
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 14:40
Toppermost www.toppermost.co.uk is a website created by Merric Davidson that invites us to nominate 10 songs by an artist we like and why we have chosen them.  I have already submitted my selection for Fairport Convention which has been posted.  Today, I have submitted a selection for Pete and Clive which should be on the site in a few days.

My songs are:

1.      Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (Beware of the Beautiful Stranger)
2.      Canoe (History & Geography)
3.      Carnations on the Roof (A King at Nightfall)
4.      Girl on a Train (Beware of the Beautiful Stranger)
5.      I Have to Learn (Winter Spring)
6.      Laughing Boy (version on Live in Australia)
7.      Perfect Moments (The Road of Silk)
8.      Rain-Wheels (Secret Drinker)
9.      The Man Who Walked Toward The Music  (The Road of Silk)
10.      The Master of the Revels (Midnight Voices: The Clive James/Pete Atkin songbook volume 1)

Please visit the site and correct my commentary if I've got anything wrong and add the songs that you would include.

All the best


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