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(Message started by: Ian Ashleigh on Today at 12:45)

Title: Our favourite songs
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 12:45
Around 8 years ago, Steve Birkill complied a popular vote of our favourites from the Atkin/James catalogue.  I recall that we were asked to post a list of our 20 favourite songs which - unweighted by order - would over a 6 week period form an Atkin/James top 20.  I thought that it might be fun to repeat the exercise and with excel spreadsheet prepared I will complile the popular vote and publish the final list on 5th August.

Based on the songs I listen to the most, here are mine - in alphabetical order:

1.      A Dream of Fair Women
2.      A Hill of Little Shoes
3.      An Empty Table
4.      Beware of the Beautiful Stranger
5.      Canoe
6.      Carnations on the Roof
7.      Driving Through Mythical America
8.      I Have to Learn
9.      I See the Joker
10.      Laughing Boy
11.      Perfect Moments
12.      Rain-Wheels
13.      Screen-Freak
14.      Sessionman’s Blues
15.      The Hypertension Kid
16.      The Man Who Walked Toward the Music
17.      The Master of the Revels
18.      The Wall of Death
19.      Thief in the Night
20.      Uncle Sea-Bird

You weren't expecting a song from Live Libel were you???

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