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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 12:05)

Title: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 12:05
I have just heard from Val Jennings at Demon that "the entirety of my stock of everything
was consumed in the Sony DADC riot-inspired warehouse fire of Monday 8th
August. The indie labels that also lost all their stock have got a lot
of publicity, but BBC Worldwide decided not to tell anyone that all of 2
entertain's stock was in there as well".   That means all of my reissues.   And the chances are pretty slim that they'll get re-pressed, at least in the immediate fuiture anyway.  

The Hillside Music shelves have only a few of each, and only a very few of some (I had been on the point of re-ordering), so I'm afraid their withdrawal is imminent.

Bummer, eh?

Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by dr_john on 28.08.11 at 09:25
Oh mannnn. So sorry to hear this Pete, it must be devastating.

Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Ian Ashleigh on 28.08.11 at 11:31
Crikey, on top the shenanigans with the corporate suits at Sony.  

What a depressing week.  I think I can speak for your friends on this forum when I say that we are all with you.

Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Gerry Smith on 29.08.11 at 00:21
It's enough to spark a riot.

Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Douglas Fergus on 05.09.11 at 16:26
Just read about this in the latest newsletter.
Terrible news.  :(  >:(
Huge commiserations, Pete.
Hope something can be salvaged from the situation.
Maybe CJ could come up with some appropriate lyrics to add to a piece for the forthcoming album, although I could understand if neither have the heart for it.


Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Richard Bleksley on 05.09.11 at 22:47
After what happened with the previous CD reissues you might be forgiven for wondering if there's a curse on Atkin CD reissues. It is indeed a bummer.

Commiserations from me, too.

Title: Re: Demon Edsel stock catastrophe
Post by Pete Atkin on 06.09.11 at 09:19
Well, as catastrophes go, there are actually and potentially and certain to be plenty more catastrophic ones.   It's far more serious, of course, for Demon in general.   Part of their underlying philosophy -- and one of the reasons I was attracted to them -- is not to even to think about quick, large volume sales, but to provide a catalogue of durable and desirable stuff which will go on earning relatively low sales but for a long time.   Anyone can see that their catalogue does indeed constitute a huge and outstanding collection of durable and desirable stuff.   But with instant wipe-out of the whole lot, the cost of immediate replacement would be utterly impracticable.   So poor old Val Jennings has much more cause to be depressed than I do.  He's faced with virtually starting again, not perhaps in the same way as an uninsured, wiped-out shopkeeper in Tottenham, but pretty bad.

It's perhaps a fair bet that most of the people who'd most want to have my '70s stuff on CD have indeed got it by now in one version or another.  Having it all steadily available in such a thoroughly satisfactory form is/was a luxury.  And, hey, let's not write off completely the chances of its coming back at some point.

But thanks, everyone, for your commiserations.  Meanwhile, it simply underlines the need to move forward.

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