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(Message started by: Ian Sorensen on Today at 21:51)

Title: Pete on Spotify
Post by Ian Sorensen on Today at 21:51
On a whim I tried Pete's name in Spotify and was delighted to see a good selection pop up. It appeared to be semi-random order, rather than by album, with Sessionman's Blues at the top but with a surprise at number 2: Eye of the Universe (which is great) but the surprise was that it was the version for the 7th Album Demo Bootleg. This is my favourite version of the song but I was surprised to see it included on a publicly available site.

Not only was there the bootleg but also FoD99: Highway 515 Revisited, leaving me to ask who was responsible for getting Pete's entire catalogue onto Spotify? I was under the impression that the FoD CD was a Midnight Voices only release. And that the bootleg was the CD that must not be named.

Anyone care to elucidate? A search on this forum reveals no mention of Pete on Spotify to date.

Knowing that Pete's stuff is now available on Spotify makes it so much easier to point potential aficionados to the songs and let the words and music sell themselves.


Title: Re: Pete on Spotify
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 22:24
Curious -- my Spotify client isn't finding any Pete Atkin here. But there's something I haven't checked out about it being able to search local files. Could it be the program is finding tracks on one of your drives, Ian, and presenting them as it they're on the Internet?

Title: Re: Pete on Spotify
Post by Ian Sorensen on 04.08.11 at 02:09
As usual, Mr B,  you're right. I searched for  The Beautiful Changers (Pete's tribute band), and there it was - and that's one album that should never be found online! Spotify is looking at my iTunes library.

Perhaps now we have an explanation we can start working out how to get Pete's tracks out there for real.


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