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(Message started by: Angie P on Today at 20:39)

Title: Delight and depression
Post by Angie P on Today at 20:39
As a new member who only knew BOTBS and DTMA from the 70s, I have just “discovered” A King at Nightfall.  Most of these tracks are amazing and a few are just exquisite!

But... and it’s a big but… before I only thought it was a shame that PA wasn’t more widely known, now I think it’s just plain depressing.  How is it that such literate lyrics and intelligent music can be overlooked for so many decades?

Now I’m afraid to listen any more new (to me) tracks in case it just depresses me even further  :(

I’m sure you guys have discussed all this at length many times, but somebody, please say something cheering and calming…


Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Rob Spence on Today at 22:27
Most of us wish we were in your position: you have a treasure trove to uncover. It's nothing to be depressed about. In fact, thanks to St. Birkill of this parish, Pete's music is probably as popular now as it's ever been. So revel in the old stuff, discover the new stuff, and anticipate the forthcoming stuff. Oh, and pat yourself on the back for joining the cognoscenti.  ;)

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by dr_john on 04.03.10 at 11:20
The album, I remember, pleased not the million; 'twas caviare to the general.

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Jan on 04.03.10 at 12:18
Welcome to Midnight Voices Angie!
Just be glad that you've managed to discover this wonderful stuff - sounds as though there's quite a lot more for you to discover too!
The next stage is to start telling everyone about it and bore all your friends. A couple may even surprise you, say that they know all about Pete already and start humming Girl on the train.
It must be about 10 years since I joined MV. (I'll have to see when I first posted - To the Archives (http://www.peteatkin.com/mv/index.php)... Year 3 I think.) I can't say I've ever found it depressing being a Pete Atkin fan. A little frustrating sometimes but a lot of fun and very interesting.
Next time a gig is announced make every effort to come, there'll be some Midnight Voices there who will make you welcome - its easy if you make arrangements to meet beforehand through the forum. Its not at all easy to spot Voices without assistance and pretty embarrassing if you make a mistake. (Are you a Midnight Voice?)
Hope to meet you!

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Rob Spence on 04.03.10 at 13:04
Jan- Angie has to be an MV to be on here, doesn't she?

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Jan on 04.03.10 at 17:16
Sorry Rob, didn't explain that very well.
I was describing the situation when you go to a gig as a new Midnight Voice and you want to find out if the person sitting next to you who appears to know all the words is also a Midnight Voice. Perhaps someone who has answered your posts on the Forum
I have often asked "Are you a Midnight Voice, and nearly always the answer is "No. What do you mean?" This can lead to embarrassment or a marketing and publicity opportunity  :cool:


Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Mike Walters on 04.03.10 at 19:13
Hi Angie, and welcome.  I think many of us would share your disappointment that Pete didn't become better known.  However, from what I've seen, Pete himself manages to live very happily with the fact that he never became Elton John, so I'm prepared to follow his example.  As Rob says, most of us on here can only envy your good fortune in having a wealth of Atkin material still to discover - if you loved 'A King of Nightfall', I'll be fascinated to hear what you make both of the other 1970s albums and the more recent stuff.  

For my part, there are lots of positives about the current position, many of them attributable to the estimable Mr Birkill, notably a) that after various challenges over the years, all the 1970s albums are now readily available on CD; b) that on 'The Lakeside Sessions' CDs, Pete finally was able to record many of the superb 'lost' songs, such as 'Canoe', which has languished since his recording career paused in the late 1970s; c) that, wonder of wonders, he's recorded a new CD,  'Winter Spring', which stands comparison with any of his earlier work; and, most of all, that he's still writing superb songs with Clive James with the hope of more recordings to come.  I hope that cheers you up a bit!  And, gosh, you've got a lot to look forward to!

All the best


Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Rob Spence on 05.03.10 at 00:12
OK, Jan, understood. I was slow off the mark there. Regarding Angie's depression, may I be the first MV to say "Angie, when will those dark clouds disappear?"

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Angie P on 08.03.10 at 16:08
Hi people,

Many thanks for your cheering and calming thoughts.  I'm not sure I made myself too clear with my first post - being a fan delights me, but the more songs I listen to, the more I realise they merit a wider audience and it's the fact that we are relatively few that is depressing.

However, I am delighted now to be among the cognoscenti and look forward to maybe meeting some of you in the future.

And Rob, "where will it lead us from here?"  Well, I'm off to discover the Road of Silk!  If anyone has any further suggestions or signposts for my PA/CJ journey thereafter they would be gratefully received.


Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by Rob Spence on 08.03.10 at 21:10
Chronological order, Angie! The great thing is that you now have those old albums reissued with various extras, plus the new versions on the Midnight Voices CD, plus new material from recent years - Winter Spring - and the prospect of more to come. So- quite a bit to get through. And, as everyone around here will agree, they do bear repeated listenings...

Title: Re: Delight and depression
Post by ChrisH on 15.04.10 at 12:22
Hi Angie and welcome to the forum.
I'd agree that chronological order is probably best but it is all superb so it doesn't really matter. I also think it is crazy that songs of this quality are not major hits being played everywhere all the time ! All the more reason for us to spread the word.
On the plus side, I suppose Pete would not have had time to produce the wonderful "Unlce Mort's North Country" and "Unlce Mort's South Country", "This Sceptered Isle"  and all his other excellent radio works if he had become mega rich and moved to Beverley Hills :-)

Best wishes,

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