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(Message started by: Dave Bondy on Today at 22:39)

Title: Just a Completist!
Post by Dave Bondy on Today at 22:39
My habitual completism (if that is even a proper word) has cost me so much money over the years ...

The complete:
-- Duke Ellington Centennial Edition (you don't even want to guess how much that lot cost!)
-- Glenn Miller (every single recording and recorded broadcast!)
-- Artie Shaw (including the Complete Gramercy Five)
-- Art Pepper (every record he ever made!)
-- Lester Young and Billie Holiday
-- Kenny Davern (every single track he ever recorded!)

I could go on but you get the gist I am sure ... so it wont come as a surprise that I just HAD to have the new PA re-issues even though I already have the previous re-issues AND two copies of each vinyl LP (including the Philips and RCA ones) plus two of the single and two copies of the cassette tape ... just in case of loss or damage!

I am so pleased to see the additional tracks and the single now out on CD ...

I must try to find either a cure or more money to treat my affliction .... perhaps I am just a complete completist!

Dave  :huh:

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