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(Message started by: Andrew_Curry on Today at 18:25)

Title: Revisiting Winter Spring
Post by Andrew_Curry on Today at 18:25
Way back when - probably when I first joined the Voices forum - I said that one of things that struck me about Winter Spring was that several of the songs seemed to be 'paired' with songs from the 70s repertoire. (Since I wasn't on the list when Winter Spring came out I don't know if I'm just a re-hashing a well-worn thread from 2003 or not).

I liked this - given the history, given the record title.

So with the older songs currently front of mind thanks to Val Jennings' excellent work, I thought it might be worth making the connections explicit (I meant to link these, but have failed to crack the hyperlink instructions):

So Loud -> The Man Who Walked Towards The Music
Dancing Master -> The Flowers and the Wine (from regret to resignation)
Daughter of the Sun -> No Dice (actually I'm not sure about this, it's just an association that came to mind as I was listening)
An Empty Table -> Between Us There Is Nothing ('but the shadow of the future that will never let us go to be together)
Prayer Against The Hitman -> I See The Joker (kind of obviously...)
Thought of You -> Lady of a Day, maybe.


Title: Re: Revisiting Winter Spring
Post by sjm on Today at 19:38
The tune of I Have To Learn always reminds me of one of Pete's earlier songs.

Would MVs care to suggest which one it might be?

Steve M

Title: Re: Revisiting Winter Spring
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 21:03
I have long since thought that I Have to Learn is as close to a perfect pop song as you are likely to find

Title: Re: Revisiting Winter Spring
Post by sjm on 07.04.09 at 17:22
Is it just me then, that can detect strains of (the original) BCWTOYTM in I Have To Learn?!

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