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(Message started by: naomi on Today at 16:35)

Title: Lexicon
Post by naomi on Today at 16:35
I have a suggested addition to the Midvodian lexicon:

the Interregnum: the time between the two eras in which Pete and Clive have written, performed and recorded songs.
Etymology: The term is borrowed from 17th-century English history and also alludes to the King at Nightfall

a subsidiary coinage:

the Restoration: the current happy era ushered in above all by Mr Birkill

Any takers?

Title: Re: Lexicon
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 20:04
Dark Ages: the period during which the James/Atkin partnership was inactive -see the Interregnum

The Enlightnment: the period during which Pete was regularly touring with James/Atkin material.

The Renaissaince: see Restoration.

The New Age movement: Midvodians

The Reformation: the loosening up that has occurred in Clive’s lyric writing in recent times.

The Cold War: See for Miles attempts to get RCA to allow it to release Pete’s albums.

The Age of Discovery: the period during which unreleased material was available from the library.

Colonial expansion: our brave boys tour of Austrailia.

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: Lexicon
Post by naomi on Today at 21:26
... and how about:

The Dual Monarchy: the combination of superb music and brilliant lyrics


Title: Re: Lexicon
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 22:09
The Age of Kings: very far from “gone to dust”

The Golden Age: the period in which those first albums were recorded.


Title: Re: Lexicon
Post by Kevin Cryan on 31.07.07 at 13:37
The Grand alliance: James and Atkin.

Atkinian (nothing to do with law): adjective used to describe perceived characteristics flourishes in Mr. Atkin's compositions.

Jamesian: an auctorial descriptive adjective no longer limited to describing the works William of Henry James or works in which their influences can be detected.

Kevin Cryan

Title: Lexicon
Post by naomi on 31.07.07 at 14:11
L'entente cordiale: the cordial understanding among Midvodians !


Title: Re: Lexicon
Post by BogusTrumper on 04.08.07 at 16:42
Insanity: The concept that the internet could be used to revive the career of a singer who had disappeared from sight


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