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(Message started by: Ian Chippett on Today at 13:30)

Title: Influences
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 13:30
While I was working my way through the songs Pete has so kindly made available, I was struck by "Travel In A Tear" where I seemed to detect an Ellingtonian note. When we hear the words "in a tear" and the arrival in Fma7, it could almost be the Duke himself. It then occurred to me that there are hardly any songs of Pete's (even the early ones) where we say "Ah! That sounds like..." etc. Has anybody noticed any of his songs where an influence is apparent?

Ian C

Title: Re: Influences
Post by Sylfest on 08.02.07 at 13:54
Well, when I hear that second line in Dreamboat, I'm reminded of the chap that wrote History and Geography...

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