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(Message started by: Richard Bleksley on Today at 12:26)

Title: Pete on allmusic.com
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 12:26
I don't think this has been mentioned here before, but apologies if it has.

The other day, while trying to find info on another artist, I came upon what seems to be a very interesting and informative site, allmusic.com. Naturally, I entered our hero's name into the search box, and here is the link to what I found:


Clicking on the appropriate tabs will bring up a biography and discography. Clicking on an album title in the discography will take you to a review of that album.

All in all, quite an informative and well-balanced assessment, I thought. Steve gets a mention, too.

Title: Re: Pete on allmusic.com
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 16:05
Jolly good overview but who says he was influenced by Tim Buckley? If so, how?

Ian C

Title: Re: allmusic.com
Post by David Morgan on 04.01.07 at 15:23
I use this site constantly, and can't recommend it highly enough for info on any artist. It's brilliantly well researched and thorough* (I think we can forgive it for getting the release order of Pete's albums slightly mixed up). For artists that I know, I usually find the site's assessments of their various recordings well balanced - Pete's just one example - and when I'm exploring someone new, I don't go far wrong by listening first to the album(s) recommended by allmusic. Note that they list original albums and compilations separately in their Discography sections.

So if anyone's inspired to go exploring musicians recommended by other MVs in the recent poll, you could do a lot worse than begin at allmusic.

David M

*As the site's American, you'll inevitably find that it's more complete on American music than on 'foreign stuff', but the fact that they cover Pete well is evidence that they're also pretty good on the UK at least.

Title: Re: Pete on allmusic.com
Post by Jan on 13.01.07 at 21:34
Seeing Tim Buckley on BBC4 last night in a compilation of Californian bits from The Old Grey Whistle Test reminded me of Ian's question. I've never seen this mentioned in any context other than web biographies which have a common source, is it true?
The only link I've been able to find is the title of a song, Knight-Errant, on the album Goodnight and Hello http://www.alwaysontherun.net/tim.htm

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