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(Message started by: Bill_D on Today at 13:10)

Title: Essex Music
Post by Bill_D on Today at 13:10
Who IS the successor to Essex Music, mentioned in the latest newsletter?

(I am also interested in the three 1970s electric pop/jazz album of John Williams. They were released on Cube/Fly and later compiled in part on Castle, all of which came under Essex. The three albums have not been re-released on CD.)

Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 14:07
The catalogue was split up when David PLatz, the founder of Essex Music, died.  So some of our old stuff is now published by Westminster Music, and the rest by Bucks Music, which is part of the Onward Music group (don't ask -- I really don't know how these things work.)  My recordings (as opposed to the copyrights) are all held by Bucks Music.   I'm confident the material you mention is amongst what they're considering reissuing if and when the old labels are revived or reconstituted.


Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Bill_D on Today at 20:29

I e-mailed Bucks Music (owners of Cube and Fly) and almost immediately got this curt, albeit not entirely concise**, reply:

"At this specific moment in time we have no plans to re-release any of the albums that you mention in your email."

**specific moment in time**

Hope you have better luck with your re-re-issues! Does this mean I will have to buy them all over again, remastered and with bonus tracks?

Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Pete Atkin on 22.09.05 at 08:41
Well, leaving aside the use of English, it's the truth.  It's what I told you, isn't it?


Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Jan on 09.08.07 at 20:54
It looks as though there have been developments concerning the re-issue of former Essex Music material and the release of material by Procul Harum and The Move is imminent.
Pete Atkin is specifically mentioned on this webpage as one of the artists to be featured in future developments. One would assume, or at least hope, that the artists concerned will have some involvement with the release of the archive material thus avoiding conflict with the release of new material. Any resulting publicity could usefully bring the songs to the attention of a wider audience.
It doesn't sound as though there is any timetable at present and their offer of information through a mailing list doesn't seem to involve the Flyrecords site but rather the Salvo Music website (http://www.salvo-music.co.uk/)

Although I am much more interested in new 2007 Atkin recordings I think I would find it hard to resist acquiring any material which did appear from the archives.
(Do we have any news yet of a release date for the new Midnight Voices CD from Hillside?)

Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Jon Philpot on 12.08.07 at 22:22
Slightly off-topic, but as an avid Beach Boys fan I was also pleased to see mention on the Fly website of a possible re-release of the Spring album previously issued on CD by See For Miles as 'Spring......plus' and now very collectible (as is the original vinyl album, which I have a much-loved copy of). Spring included Diane Rovell, Brian Wilson's ex-wife, and Brian was heavily involved with the production of the album and several Spring singles.

Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Jan on 14.08.07 at 22:25
The Flyrecords website
is obviously under development. There's a lot more to it now than there was last week, including the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter.

They also say:
Experts and archivists for the artists concerned, and where possible the artists themselves, have been given full access to enable as exhaustive and authoritative stamp on the planned releases as can be accomplished.


Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Jan on 24.08.07 at 21:51
I contacted Fly Records (http://www.flyrecords.co.uk/) and received the following reply:

By the end of the month our website should be fully functional and
newsletters will commence, with a listening booth to allow access to,
in some cases, deleted favourites whilst we roll out our plans.  Look
out for some of Pete's material to be included.

By the way there was a mention of the Spring album of ours on one of
the Midnight Voices blogs  regarding Essex Music.  I think there may be
some confusion about our Spring recordings.  Spring were a band
notorious for having a line up sporting three mellotron players, and
featuring drummer Pick 'Dire Straits' Withers.  The album was produced
by Gus Dudgeon for our company Tuesday Productions.  We think the
blogger is referring to SPRING featuring Diane Rovell who were signed
to United Artists.   It isn't the Rovell related band I am afraid.

Sorry Jon!
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Title: Re: Essex Music
Post by Jon Philpot on 01.09.07 at 14:58
Thanks Jan - the 'See For Miles' link led me to jump to conclusions.

Oh well, you can't have everything. Maybe some day.......


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