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(Message started by: Cary on Today at 21:26)

Title: Early Julie Covington Recordings
Post by Cary on Today at 21:26
Hot on the heels of Steve's discovery of a " '' Man on the Double Bass'' written by runswick with lyrics by Clive" ..... http://www.darylrunswick.net/basssong.html

On the same site an album written by Daryl Runswick and Kerry Lee Crabbe and featuring Julie Covington on lead vocals on no less than 5 tracks. (and backing on several more).

Just when you thought there was nothing left to be discovered!!


Title: Re: Early Julie Covington Recordings
Post by S J Birkill on 01.08.11 at 12:30
Well, what a curiosity! Strangely mannered little ditties they appear on first listen, songs demonstrating a surfeit of melodic adventurousness, almost suggesting an alternative Atkin with the constraints of tradition removed, or perhaps just without the hooks. Even the words smack of an alternative reality in which the poetry and observation of James fused with the show-biz of Atkin, picking up just a shot of the mundane symbolism of David Brown along the way. The overall effect -- I guess it's the arrangements -- seems to me rather selfconsciously 60s-ish British artsy-jazzy, and the songs not very memorable. But Julie is in excellent voice, and shows remarkable skill with what must have been very hard-to-nail melodies.

Thanks to Daryl, who's clearly seen the opportunity to expose his early creative work before it's totally forgotten, and to Cary for spotting this.

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