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(Message started by: Ian Ashleigh on Today at 20:58)

Title: Chris Spedding playing for Roy Harper
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 20:58
I was listening to Roy Harper's album HQ then browsed his website and found the following note about Chris Spedding's contribution to a 13 minute track!!

The highlights of the record are one, Chris Spedding's guitar solo on 'The Game,' which was a first take and is a wonderful piece of spontaneous Rock and Roll. He played it on a tiny amp in the middle of the empty aircraft hanger sized Studio 1, at Abbey Road, a studio built for 100 piece orchestra and opera cast. He was dressed in a white suit with a red carnation and was in and out of the studio within 20 minutes!  And two, the great lift that the Grimethorpe Colliery Band gave to 'When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease.' It was recorded in the same studio and there were about 50 musicians in the studio that day.

I am ever the ageing hippy.

Title: Re: Chris Spedding playing for Roy Harper
Post by Seán Kelly on 24.02.09 at 08:47
In and out in 20 minutes - blimey - not doubling on anything then?  This explains how he managed to appear on so many records - from the Wombles to the Sex Pistols demos (if memory serves me right for those 2 examples!)

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