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(Message started by: Seán Kelly on Today at 10:59)

Title: Pete and Simon at the Pheasantry 28th Jan 2023
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 10:59

A lovely show at the Pheasantry last night.  Pete and Simon taking their Sympatico approach to new levels (mind you Simon is surely a great Sympatico accompanist).

Here is the setlist with a few brief notes from me.  Simon played on everything except Hill of Little Shoes – when Pete played Piano.  Pete played on some but, particularly the quieter, more delicate numbers (Touch Has A Memory, Perfect Moments etc) he just sang to Simon’s piano accompaniment.  Many (if not all) of the songs benefitted from a steadier and calmer reading which just brought out their inner strengths.


- Is It Just The Way You Are

- Winter Kept Us Warm [only recorded by Julie Covington]

- I Wouldn’t Hear A Word Against The Spring [recorded by no-one]

- Canoe

- I See The Joker – my notes say even this had a more mature feel – great pacing

- Touch Has A Memory

- Hill Of Little Shoes – as noted Pete played piano – and played it expertly on this song prompted by the recent Holocaust Memorial Day.  Such a powerful song and Pete inhabits it fully!

- Thirty Year Man – Pete said it refers to a club just like this – but with a more glamorous singer  :)

- Beware of the Beautiful Stranger

- The Luck of the Draw





- Perfect Moments

- A King at Nightfall – announced to what my notes call “a Big Clap from One Chap” – it made his night obviously. [actually it was so good it made mine!]  Pete said that he and Simon have now recorded this for the forthcoming album.  They have come up with what he called a rather more 'experimental' approach. This was underlined when he turned to Simon and asked ‘Will you start or shall I?’  And Simon replied ‘Let’s start together’.  As before when they played this live it is a significantly slower and more measured song – but no less powerful for that. The pace emphasises the loss felt in every line of the lyrics. A lovely version.

- Between Us There Is Nothing

- An Empty Table

- Laughing Boy – Pete said he cannot sing this without thinking of Clive – as of course he does all the time – but after so many duo shows which finished with his number it certainly made me think of Clive’s own delivery of it.

- Screen Freak

- Have You Got A Biro


- The Party’s Moving On - another rarity for the hardcore fans (who they?!)

- The Original Original Honky Tonk Train – Pete word perfect on this lively crowd-pleasing tongue twister of a finisher.

A lovely night – thankyou Pete and Simon and staff at the Pheasantry [lovely discreet waiter/waitressing during the show - no disturbance at all] – including for the great sound.  Here’s to more of these!

NB This set-list believed to be correct at the time of going to press - but [knowing my record] any corrections are fully welcomed  :)


Pete giving a well-deserved hand to Simon Wallace


Title: Re: Pete and Simon at the Pheasantry 28th Jan 2023
Post by Sylfest on Today at 12:09
What an excellent concert! I forgot quite how good this stuff is, every song a feast. Outstanding rendition of Canoe. Set list is spot-on, Sean!

Title: Re: Pete and Simon at the Pheasantry 28th Jan 2023
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 14:33
Thanks for confirming Sylfest - and for your unflappable cool when I appeared on the step next to you to take a wider view of the stage  :)

Title: Re: Pete and Simon at the Pheasantry 28th Jan 2023
Post by S J Birkill on 30.01.23 at 07:23
I do enjoy your detailed reports, Seán -- almost as good as being there!

This looks to have been a rare outing for the nylon-strung Taylor -- we've got used to seeing the black Atkin at the Pheas. I'm guessing the Taylor has a softer sound, whatever that means. Any thoughts, anyone, on whether it was a better fit to the more, what, thoughtful(?) interpretations Pete is now giving the old songs?


Title: Re: Pete and Simon at the Pheasantry 28th Jan 2023
Post by Seán Kelly on 30.01.23 at 19:55
Yes definitely the Taylor Steve - and I would say your theory is good. I wonder what the man himself says?

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