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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 21:42)

Title: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 21:42
Further to my reply to Diane's post in another thread (https://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=App;action=display;num=1656958521;start=3#3), this is to let you all know that next Monday's appearance at the Kitchen Garden (https://www.kitchengardencafe.co.uk/event/pete-atkin/) in south Birmingham's Kings Heath district has regrettably been cancelled.


Pete and the venue's management agreed that after a day devoted to the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II, not many would be in the mood to turn off the box and to go out for an evening of song and merriment. Apparently their calendar is pretty full at the moment, but a new date has been fixed, for Sunday 19th February next year, and Pete has been told the venue will give those already ticketed the choice of whether to transfer their bookings to the new date or accept a refund. At this time I can't be sure whether this will be handled through the venue or the ticket agency (wegottickets.com (https://www.wegottickets.com/event/551654)), but Kitchen Garden can be reached at 0121 443 4725, email <info@kitchengardencafe.co.uk>.

Meanwhile, Pete's next public appearance will be at London's The Pheasantry (https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/pete-atkin-solo) on the first of October, now less than three weeks away.


Title: Re: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by Pete Atkin on 18.09.22 at 11:56
My gigs list is never all that long these, so I think I can consider myself to have been a bit unlucky at the number of postponements these past few months, each one for an individually good reason. Nevertheless, the older I get, the more I worry when it does happen.  However, I think the decision to defer tomorrow's gig at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath was unquestionably the right one for several reasons, each of them individually good.   It seems a long time to wait until February 19th next year, but it's such a good place to play that I'm grateful to have it in the diary   I'm told that very few - perhaps hardly any? - ticket-holders have asked for a refund, so I'll be all the more pleased to see you all then, with perhaps a few more besides.

I did have a bit of a turn yesterday when I heard that there's to be another rail strike on Saturday 1st October, fearing that my first solo outing at the Pheasantry might be in danger, but with a bit of luck I'll be able to do my travelling on the Friday and the Sunday and hope that those of you who've been planning to come will not be prevented from joining me there.   Performing without the incomparable assistance of Simon Wallace on piano is an undeniable disappointment - for you and for me - but I'll be doing my best to turn it into a positive opportunity by adding a few collectors' items into the mix.  (Requests welcome as always, of course - sendiong me a DM here is probably the easiest way to get them through.)

Title: Re: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by Andrew Long on 05.02.23 at 21:18
Rearranged date just a fortnight away. Excellent idiosyncratic venue.

Who else is coming?

Title: Re: Kitchen Garden
Post by S J Birkill on 06.02.23 at 02:24
wegottickets.com (https://www.wegottickets.com/event/551654)'s website is currently reporting just 16 places remaining. This total also appears on Pete's website (https://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#gigs) (click the 'Update' button).

But we don't know whether this is the true remainder, as they've previously added 10 or more to the total each time it's started to get low. They did exactly the same when Pete last appeared at the Kitchen Garden. I'm guessing the venue doesn't like to reveal the actual number of seats unsold -- I don't think it's a wegottickets policy.

So the best we can say (short of contacting Kitchen Garden (https://www.kitchengardencafe.co.uk/event/pete-atkin/)) is that they have at least 16 tickets remaining, as of the timestamp of this post.

Anyone going along to say Hi to long-term MV Andrew Long? And to Pete, of course!


Title: Re: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by Terry_Caster on 10.02.23 at 19:34
A lovely venue. Had hoped to make it down, but other bits of life have got in the way. Have a splendid time all!

Title: Re: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by dr_john on 19.02.23 at 15:29
Looking forward to the gig at The Kitchen Garden tonight - 5 years to the day since the last time!

Title: Re: Kitchen Garden: postponed
Post by Andrew Long on 21.02.23 at 13:56
An excellent entertaining evening. An assured and fluent performance from Pete. 22 songs over 2 hours (split by an interval) with just Pete accompanying himself on either guitar or keyboards. And a few stories(!).

The idiosyncratic venue turned out to be perfect. It is quite cramped and without fixed seats so they only put out the number of chairs based on ticket sales. It is a bit haphazard (in years gone by the misplaced apostrophe - to indicate a plural! - on the marketing leaflet would have concerned some MVs) But creates an engaging atmosphere and well organised.

Somewhat to my surprise the set list was largely comprised of requests, a facility I will try next time.

Turnout of around 60 or so(?). The audience seemed largely composed of Atkin aficionados, judging by the number mouthing every lyric in full (and just, only just, restraining themselves from joining in on BOTBS). A younger element was demonstrably and vigorously effusive in its praise/support.

A few stories that were new to me, including the first moments toward the creation of BOTBS. And a new (to me) insight that the songs are actually most like mini movies.

Finally a bonus was seeing someone from the audience whom I used to work with more than 20 years ago.

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