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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 23:41)

Title: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:41
I'm happy to announce that Pete's appearance at St Mary's, Dorking, has been rescheduled following the last-minute cancellation of February's concert (see this thread (https://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=App;action=display;num=1635874130;start=0#0)) due to extreme weather.


The new date is Saturday 11th June, and tickets are already on sale, from (link) Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pete-atkin-the-lyrics-of-clive-james-with-simon-wallace-tickets-304091986317?aff=erelexpmlt). If you bought tickets for the February gig, please note that existing tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled appearance. As before, the event is organised by MV member David Scoffield as part of his St Mary's Sessions (Facebook link (https://www.facebook.com/StMarysSessions/)) initiative. Pete will be accompanied by Simon Wallace on piano.


Title: Re: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by David_Scoffield on 23.03.22 at 08:55
Thanks for getting the news out there Steve, we're very pleased that Pete and Simon could co-ordinate diaries to get this back on track.  June in Dorking will be flaming marvellous!

Title: Re: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by David_Scoffield on 27.05.22 at 18:02
Just a couple of weeks until we welcome Pete and Simon to St Mary's Sessions in Dorking, apparently Pete has played Dorking before, a looong time ago.  Was anybody from here there?  You might qualify for a free drink if you come to this one too!  

If you are thinking of coming then here's the ticket link again, as we only have 80 seats we can't guarantee tickets on the door but online booking runs until 6pm on the dayso you can always check that way


If you're travelling from a distance and plan to stay over then here's some information on making a weekend of it.  If you're coming by train the stations for London, Reading and south coast services are both within 5 minutes walk and as we finish by 10.20pm there's no desperate rush for homebound trains afterwards with services up until midnight.


And finally here's a bit of video from our recent May show to give some idea of the venue's ambience.


Title: Re: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by Simon Reap on 11.06.22 at 22:45
St Mary's Church, Pixham

Pete alone (no Simon because of covid!)

In the actual church, home to everything from these music sessions to children's dance lessons.

Word against the spring (g)
Practical Man (g)
Be careful when they off you the moon (g)
Screen Freak (p)
The way you are with me (p)
Canoe (p)
Apparition in Las Vegas (g)
Guitar is a thief in the night (g)
An empty table (p)
Touch has a memory (p)
National Steel (yes, *that* g!)

Laughing Boy (g)
You can't expect to be remembered (p)
I see the joker (g)
Care-charmer sleep (p)
Thirty year man (p)
The colours of the night (g)
Biro (g)

Encore: Perfect Moments (p)

Title: Re: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by Simon Reap on 12.06.22 at 10:39

Pete was on great form, and was very grateful for everyone being patient after the storm-induced delay. It was ironic that the gig not delayed for covid was then affected by it. He had his Nord Electro 3 piano, his Atkin guitar and, wonderfully, his venerable National Steel. For the first set he'd clearly been painting in his shirt, but for the second set he  realised how spattered he'd been and wore a more demure red shirt.


"Joker" on guitar was a different experience from the usual piano accompaniment, and definitely worth an outing. We heard the marching version of Colours of the night - of the two, I still prefer the more gentle original version. It was lovely to bump into Ian Shircore. As he mentioned, it was noticeable that people in the audience knew BOTBS well enough not to be surprised by and laugh at the funny bits :-) Don't worry Pete, we were still amused, just quietly.

Sorry that Pete and I only had a brief chat at the end. I completely forgot to get the juicy unprintable gossip from the song-writing course! I also completely failed to thank David for organising such an enjoyable evening, so I'm doing it now.

Title: Re: Dorking -- Rescheduled for June 11th
Post by Seán Kelly on 16.06.22 at 14:58
Thanks very much for the report and pictures Simon R - very much appreciated  :)

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