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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 21:35)

Title: Thrive, Cambridge,  December 4th
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 21:35
https://www.peteatkin.com/images/thrive.jpg (https://thrivecambridge.com/)

Thrive vegan café/bistro is now listing Pete's appearance on its Events page (https://thrivecambridge.com/events). Formerly CB2, the Norfolk Street venue continues to host Bernard Hoskin's Acoustic Routes (http://www.acousticroutes.co.uk/program.html) programme of concerts, previously held in the building's basement. This time around, the session will take place in the venue's upstairs room, with a capacity of 40, with seating at small tables Pheasantry-style.
https://www.peteatkin.com/images/Acoustic-Routes-logo-grey.png (http://www.acousticroutes.co.uk/program.html)

Tickets for the gig are available from the Acoustic Routes website (http://www.acousticroutes.co.uk/program.html) beginning November 7th, though if you're particularly anxious to grab yours, Bernard will accept advance reservations by e-mail (bernard@acousticroutes.co.uk). There will be a special pre-concert tapas menu available -- if you have tickets for the gig from Bernard, you can go ahead and book a table through reservations@thrivecambridge.com (reservations@thrivecambridge.com) -- but please note that Thrive doesn't handle ticketing for the event.

And just a reminder: this will be a solo Pete Atkin gig -- he'll be doing all the keyboard work himself!

Title: Re: Thrive, Cambridge: Cancelled
Post by S J Birkill on 05.11.21 at 18:16
Bernard Hoskin, organiser of the 'Acoustic Routes' concert series, regrettably announces cancellation of Pete's appearance next month, along with all other forthcoming events in the Acoustic Routes calendar at the Thrive venue.

It seems there is some unspecified problem with the use of Thrive's upstairs room for the events, the management insisting the basement room be used instead. Bernard isn't prepared to do that, citing (quite correctly) crowded conditions and poor ventilation.

Pete reports, elsewhere :

Well, having just confirmed brightly and boldly my next gig on December 4th at Thrive in Cambridge, my brightness and boldness have just been diminished by the news from Bernard Hoskin that all forthcoming events under the Acoustic Routes banner have sadly been cancelled. There has apparently been some kind of problem over the use of the upstairs room and the restaurant's new management have insisted on AR going back to using the small basement room, which Bernard believes - quite rightly, as I remember it - is too crowded and too poorly ventilated for current expectations. I have no idea what the underlying reason is, but it's a big disappointment for all concerned - all of us on this end of the deal anyway. Here's hoping nevertheless that all of Bernard's efforts will pay off eventually and that AR will find a new home, and that, with a bit of luck, I'll be invited back again.

Bernard writes (thanks Richard Whiting) :

I'm very sorry to tell you this but for covid safety reasons we have just had to cancel the Pete Atkin concert at Acoustic Routes. I can only apologise for what has happened but we have been badly let down by our venue.

We had a very successful relaunch night on the top floor which gave our audience some social distancing and airflow. The Cafe have now told us we must move our gigs to the tiny basement which offers no safety from covid at all. We put the safety of our audience above all else so all our concerts after this Saturday have been cancelled.

If we start running gigs again at some point in the future Pete will, of course, be at the top of the list for a booking.

Bernard Hoskin

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