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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 18:28)

Title: New Date -- Dorking
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 18:28
An opportunity comes up in February to see a performance by Pete with Simon Wallace away from their usual London haunt. David Scoffield is running a series of weekend acoustic concerts with a jazz/'world' flavour at St Mary's, a little gem of an Arts and Crafts Lutyens' church in Dorking, Surrey.


The date is Friday, February 18th, and I'm told that tickets will be available very soon. David isn't (yet?) a member of MV, and I can't seem to find a proper website for the venue, so you might need to keep an eye on the St Mary's Sessions Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/StMarysSessions) presence. They mention a mailing list you can sign up for via FB, but for Facebook-phobics I'll place a link to the ticket vendor in this thread when it becomes available. Recent guests have included Touki (Amadou Diagne & Cory Seznec) and The XPQ (Nigel Price), with Choro Bandido coming up on November 12th and Barb Jungr on December 4th.


PS - As announced further down this thread by Seán Kelly and David Scoffield himself (who has now joined MV -- welcome, David), tickets for February 18th are now available from Eventbrite: click here (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pete-atkin-the-lyrics-of-clive-james-with-simon-wallace-tickets-203752548357)

Title: Re: New Date -- Dorking
Post by Seán Kelly on 04.11.21 at 12:29
Cheers Steve - looks like you can get tickets now - info is here on F***book:


Title: Re: New Date -- Dorking
Post by Seán Kelly on 04.11.21 at 12:39
For anyone going by train - the venue seems to be approx half a mile from Dorking Station which is approx an hour (more or less) from London (should you wish to go there  :)  Last train to London appears to be about 11.30pm  

Title: Re: New Date -- Dorking
Post by David_Scoffield on 04.11.21 at 14:26
Hello everyone and thanks to Steve & Sean for already giving a heads up on the show in Dorking.  We've just set up a new promoting venture in a lovely little Lutyens' church with a great acoustic.  Motivation - to get something going in town which isn't pub blues rock or tribute bands.  It's been a while since I've seen Pete but when it came to my attention that he was playing The Pheasantry last month, which I couldn't make,  I thought I'd get in sharpish and ask.  The answer came back in the affirmative so here we are and with Simon able to make the date as well :)

As Sean has pointed out, Dorking is very accessible by train, direct from Waterloo and Victoria in London but also from Reading to the west, with journey times of around an hour.  The walk from the station is less than 10 minutes.  Car travel has us 15 mins from either junction 8 or 9 on the M25.  The venue is in a residential area so we don't finish late.  Doors at 19.30, music at 20.00 to 22.15 with an interval so trains can be caught without stress.

Dorking is also a lovely place to stay over if you were inclined to explore the town and The
Surrey Hills.  We'll happily supply recommendations on places to stay, eat or visit. The direct ticket link and more information is below and I hope some of you will make it to the show.



Title: Re: New Date -- Dorking
Post by David_Scoffield on 07.02.22 at 09:51
Just confirming that we are all systems go for Dorking on the 18th.  We had to reschedule our December and January artists because of Covid caution but I'm glad to report that I've been in touch with Pete and rehearsals will be happening.  Come along and help us get the year started in good style.


Title: Re: New Date -- Dorking
Post by Chris H on 11.02.22 at 11:28
Thanks for organising this gig. I wish I could be there but by the time I finish work, the M25 traffic means I would probably just catch the encores !
Hope it all goes splendidly.

Title: Re: Dorking -- cancelled
Post by S J Birkill on 17.02.22 at 18:56
Following warnings of an approaching storm, Pete has reluctantly decided to cancel his Friday (tomorrow) gig in Dorking. He writes (elsewhere) :

"Well, boo hiss, Eunice. At the start of today, it seemed inadvisable for an elderly one-eyed bloke to be planning to drive 120 miles in 100mph winds against national advice, but the prospect of making the trip by train didn't seem too bad, even though it meant that the National Steel wouldn't get its outing after all. But then here in the west we were put under an extreme red weather warning for tomorrow which made severe restrictions on the trains a certainty, only for it to be announced that tomorrow Londoners should not attempt to travel by train. Most of which you already know, I'm sure, so it will come as that much less of a surprise that after appropriate consultations I am sorry to have to say that tomorrow's outing to St Mary's in Dorking is postponed, but there it is. Right now outside my window it's a bright, still, sunny day which makes this decision seem a touch less than believable, but there it is.  It's a ridiculous bit of bad luck, but there it is. David Scoffield and his colleagues have been having an unreasonable amount of bad luck i trying to get their excellent venture under way, but I'm hoping we can organise a replacement date, perhaps even as early as May. Meanwhile, keep watching this and any other appropriate space for further news. So it goes and there it is. Sorry."

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