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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 23:09)

Title: The 2002 UK Tour: Updated interview
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:09

Passing through the beautiful town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire on Saturday 23 March 2002 as part of their Together At Last -- Again! tour of the UK, Clive James and Pete Atkin sat down with one "Doctor Z" for a one-hour interview in which the discussion ranged through all aspects of the songwriting collaboration, illustrated by selected tracks from the Pete Atkin albums released to that date.

Dr.Z (since unmasked as then MV member Rob Schafer) subsequently broadcast the interview on his "Doctor Z and the Family Z" programme on Hertfordshire local radio station Lyon FM, and made the edited interview tape (sans the songs) available for inclusion on the Smash Flops website. I'm sure you'll all have listened to this very relaxed and revealing discussion at the time.

Now Rob has kindly sent me the complete, unedited interview with music and voiceovers, in which Pete is co-opted as station announcer. Not only that, but there's a fascinating set of 'outtakes', snippets of chat which didn't make the final cut but will enrich our understanding of the songwriting and recording process. Clive reveals how proud he was of the rhyme schemes and poetic tricks of Faded Mansion and enlightens us on aspects of No Dice.

You can now listen to the whole thing, in four convenient bite-size chunkettes, on the Interviews and Podcasts player on our Discography Page (https://www.peteatkin.com/disworks.htm#inter-pod") (the player is the final block in the right-hand column).

Apologies in advance for the slow loading of that page -- there's a huge volume of code accumulated there with all the links and scripts. It's due to lose some weight when I get around to it. But fear not, we'll not lose any content: it might get redistributed, but we're not the kind of site that removes stuff without a trace!

Title: Re: The 2002 UK Tour: Updated interview
Post by Avner Greenberg on 27.09.20 at 20:41
Thank you so much Steve (and Dr. Z) for making this available. It is indeed a most enlightening and fascinating discussion. More treasure for the trove.

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