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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 20:05)

Title: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 20:05
Well, this is starting to look like a residency!

Once more the songs of James and Atkin will grace the cellars of Pizza Express's Kings Road venue, as Pete returns with Simon Wallace to The Pheasantry (https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on#VenueNameLocation%5B%5D=The+Pheasantry+(Chelsea)%7CChelsea&month=4&offset=0&date=2020-04-01) on Thursday 16th April. As of today their booking page is still listing the 9th January event ('sold out'), but the new date should be listed before too long.


Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by Seán Kelly on 21.02.20 at 08:21
And now booking apparently (I saw Cathy C-M's post on FB :-).  And sadly I will be detained elsewhere (figuratively speaking!) so I am hoping someone else will report back on the night. I'm already disappointed to miss the promised airing of Driving through Mythical America!

Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: more to come!
Post by S J Birkill on 22.02.20 at 00:03
Yes, there's more! Pete announced today (via his Newsletter (https://www.peteatkin.com/newsletter.htm)) the dates of his next two Pheasantry gigs (with Simon) in July and November, and a return to Kino-Teatr (https://www.kino-teatr.co.uk/) in St Leonards-on-Sea (solo), on the first of May. None of these are accepting reservations yet -- I'll post details as soon as they are, in the Gig Guide (https://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#gigs).

I note also he's playing a gig with The Shrinks at Alchemy 198 (https://alchemy198.co.uk/) in Bristol tonight. Or should I say was, last night, writing this as I am on Friday afternoon in British Columbia...


Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by S J Birkill on 18.03.20 at 02:08
Pizza Express today announced the temporary suspension of its live music programme across all five of its music venues, for at least four weeks and with immediate effect. As Pete's next Pheasantry appearance is scheduled for April 16th, just 30 days away, it appears most unlikely that the show will go ahead on that date.

Check out the position at Pizza Express (https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/covid-19-update), and stay tuned to MV for updates.


Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by Jeremy Pymer on 18.03.20 at 20:17
Hi Steve

Presumably Pete will not be performing in the reasonably near future, as he is within the group who in the UK at least, need to self-isolate (I can't quite believe the passage of time which has led to this observation).  

Here's a hearty hope that Pete and family, Clive's family, Simon and family, Steve and family and all MVs, come through this time unscathed.  Best wishes to you all.

However, looking at the mass online choir reported on the BBC Six O'clock news tonight, are we on the threshold of Pete leading us in renditions of our favourites via the web?

Seems like a logical extension of the most wonderful website in the world, Mr Birkill.


Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by S J Birkill on 19.03.20 at 01:37
I'll not argue with that, Jeremy. Thank you for your most kind words (true, of course, concerning the website), and I second your wishes for all of our members and their families, falling, as many of us must do, into that 'at-risk' demographic group.


Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th: Cancelled
Post by S J Birkill on 19.03.20 at 16:45
As expected, and regrettably, Pete has had to cancel this performance, and also the Kino-Teatr (St Leonards) show planned for May 1st. He is well but taking no chances, and he's looking forward to rescheduling gigs later in the year.

Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by Chris H on 21.03.20 at 20:01
As you say, regrettable but not unexpected in the strange times we find ourselves in and very wise under the circumstances.
I'll add my wishes to those so well put by Jeremy.
Stay safe everyone.

Title: Absence and the fonder heart
Post by Pete Atkin on 22.03.20 at 14:30
Thanks to all of you for your (as always) kind and generous thoughts.   Yes, I'm fine, but subject to the restraints that we're all living under, particularly since I fall into the top-end category (I'm speaking of my age here).   It all changes daily if not more often than that, and I think it will be quite a while before things stop getting worse.   Meanwhile, there are still some useful things we can all do, as well as some not particularly useful ones, so here's to getting some of them done ...  

Stay well, be careful, be kind - all that stuff

Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by Phil Smith on 02.05.20 at 18:41
There's a nice little piece on the history of the Pheasantry in the April 2020 issue of Jazzwise, written by Matthew Wright [in the regular feature Brilliant Corners]. Hard to think of Pete gigging in premises once frequented by Lou Reed. But, come to think of it there is a connection-Ronnie Ross being used by both, and shared song titles {Femme Fatale].

Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by S J Birkill on 02.05.20 at 18:54
An even closer connection: Pete was support on Lou's gig at Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge on October 31st 1972.


And didn't Jimi Hendrix reside at the Pheasantry for a time in the '60s?

-- Steve

Title: Re: Next Pheasantry night: April 16th
Post by Phil Smith on 03.05.20 at 23:29
Well, Steve, Jimi isn't mentioned, but Clapton and a certain Mr James are.
I can't recall what Lou Reed's state of mind, or style of performance were at the time of the date to which you refer. But I find it a strange juxtaposition [and I do like some of Reed's work].
Reminds me of the time I saw Loudon Wainwright 111 supporting Soft Machine, the latter at their most free period ever [featuring the Australian drummer Phil Howard]. I enjoyed both immensely..............

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