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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 11:54)

Title: The Pheasantry - 5th October 2019
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 11:54
.... and for those who couldn't be there on 1st June, maybe this one will be more convenient.  And yes, I'll be there with Simon Wallace again.   Like the June date it's also a Saturday, so I'm hoping that that may make it a bit easier for some.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry - 5th October 2019
Post by Rob Spence on Today at 21:58
Great to see these newly announced gigs. Hoping to be at at least one of them!

Title: Now booking for 5th October
Post by S J Birkill on 15.08.19 at 02:38

Tickets are now on sale for Pete's October 5th gig with Simon Wallace at London's top jazz / pizza / cabaret / supper-club joint The Pheasantry (Kings Road, Chelsea). It's an auspicious time for MVs, as within a few days of the event we'll have not only Clive's 80th birthday (on the 7th), but also the launch of his new book Somewhere Becoming Rain about Philip Larkin, and So Brightly at the Last, Ian Shircore's follow-up to Loose Canon, in which he analyses some of Clive's finest poems. Both book launches are on the 3rd.

Get your tickets for The Pheasantry HERE (https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/pete-atkin). I've got mine!


Title: Re: The Pheasantry - 5th October 2019
Post by Chris H on 30.08.19 at 09:39
Ticket booked and I'm looking forward to it.
They always seem to get a good sound here and the service is good and unobtrusive.
Unlike most music venues in London, people don't tend to talk throughout the performance - or is that because MVs are a discerning bunch ?

Title: Re: The Pheasantry - setlist, anyone?
Post by S J Birkill on 07.10.19 at 08:25


Well, among present company I might never live this down: I was there, but didn't take any notes!
Too busy enjoying a superb performance. Can anyone help out?


Title: Re: The Pheasantry - 5th October 2019
Post by Avner Greenberg on 07.10.19 at 20:54
Great photos Steve, thank you!
Now for the report ....


Title: Re: The Pheasantry - Setlist
Post by S J Birkill on 09.10.19 at 09:18
Thanks are due to Richard and Pete for helping me out with this. All songs featured Pete on vocal and guitar and Simon Wallace on piano, except where indicated:

Time To Burn
History And Geography
Between Us There Is Nothing (no gtr)
Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow?
Canoe (no gtr)
The Double Agent
Thief In The Night
Tenderfoot (P on pno)
Girl On The Train
Sunlight Gate
Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger
Tonight Your Love Is Over
Secret Drinker (no gtr)
My Egoist
Get It Out Of Your Head
The Colours Of The Night
Touch Has A Memory (no gtr)
Thirty Year Man (no gtr)
Laughing Boy

- Steve

Title: Re: The Pheasantry - 5th October 2019
Post by Seán Kelly on 21.11.19 at 17:04
Very belated thanks for the setlist Steve (and Pete) and the great photos Steve - much appreciated!

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