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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 11:11)

Title: Hove (or, rather, Portslade) - 8th Nov 2018
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 11:11
A new venue for Robb Johnson's folk club (now Railway Roots), new for me anyway, since this was my first time back there since my bus incident.  And what a big pleasure, as always, to see Robb again.  Sadly, he only sang one song to start things off.   But it's a good venue, and the audience was flatteringly attentive.   I had planned to do another not-heard-live-for-ages song, but it was squeezed out by time;  I'll try to make sure it gets an outing at the Pheasantry next week.  Meanwhile, this is what I did (a single set at the end of the evening) --

The Man Who Walked Toward The Music (guitar)
History and Geography (g)
Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow? (g)
Touch Has A Memory (keyboard)
I have To Learn (k)
Sunrise (k)
Stranger in Town (g)
All The Dead Were Strangers (g)
Carnations On The Roof (k)
And Empty Table (k)
A Hill Of Little Shoes (k)
Payday Evening (g)
Thirty Year Man (k)
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (g)

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