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(Message started by: Phil Smith on Today at 23:38)

Title: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on Today at 23:38
I recall that some time after my move up to Berwick Upon Tweed four years ago, a Pete gig was organised in Scotland. Unfortunately, I could not attend [gnashing of teeth, tearing of garments, etc]. Was this well attended?
The reason for my question is that I am increasingly irked that none of Pete's gigs have been remotely accessible to me, from a geographical point of view, without a huge financial outlay. And so I ask myself why not organise something myself, and make my own financial contribution?
Berwick itself has an arts centre/theatre, but I do not consider it a potentially good venue for a Pete gig, for a variety of reasons I will not go into.
There is however an excellent and intimate little venue just eight miles into Scotland, in the delightful fishing town of Eyemouth. The venue [think in terms of folk club size, rather than theatre] is establishing itself as providing a wide range of quality music in many genres. Unfortunately, acts are frequently not rewarded by the best of attendances, hence my original question.
I would be grateful for any opinions on this. I repeat that I am prepared to put considerable personal effort into organising something.
Debate may be too cumbersome for this Facebook site, so I would be happy for people to PM me, or alternatively, email me on phil@philatwalk.co.uk
Subsequent to this pasted message from the original on the Facebook site, I have received helpful posts from Stephen Birkill and James Kerr. I thank them both for their contributions.

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig: Comments please
Post by S J Birkill on 20.10.18 at 09:05
I'm not party to personal messages on MV, so there may well have been some direct reaction to Phil's request, but I'm not seeing any public response to his proposal. I know that apart from a handful of regulars it's been quiet around here for a while, but surely we've a few members in the English north-east or the Scottish borders who could lend their opinions and help Phil decide whether to go ahead. Would you attend a gig in Eyemouth? Or might there be sufficient interest from the locals (given the right publicity) to make it viable? Have other artists mounted successful gigs in the region? Reply in this thread if you can.


Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on 20.10.18 at 15:34
Thanks for that, Stephen. James Kerr has mentioned to me his experience of arranging "if you build it, they will come" events. I readily admit that my biggest concern is interest from my immediate vicinity, which is why I have been posting via this and Facebook channels I have no doubts about the appropriateness of the proposed venue, although it has at times received poor attendance rewards for first-rate artistes. I would obviously do my personal utmost to address this via local media, were a gig to seem viable.
I have gained the impression, rightly or wrongly, that Midnight Voicers can be prepared to go the extra mile in supporting Pete's gigs. I may be clutching at straws in mentioning that this area is a lovely part of the world, and perhaps people might be tempted by the idea of a w/e break, were the arranged date to be favourable for such.

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on 20.10.18 at 23:00
And, furthermore, apart from general supportive comments [very much appreciated], I have not received any personal messages. Nothing from Pete himself, but I would not blame him for biding his time! I emailed him on the address I was given. I'm just a solitary fan, trying to do his best!

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Rob Spence on 21.10.18 at 22:47
I think you are right about the MVs being prepared to go the extra mile, or miles. I would certainly try to be there from Manchester.

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on 13.11.18 at 13:30
To keep everyone up to date, I did establish contact with Pete, and subsequently provided a number of potential dates in 2019. It's now in his hands!

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on 28.02.19 at 23:56
And to update, following a tremendous gig last Sunday, I raised the issue with Pete again. Uncle Seabird will not give in!

Title: Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig
Post by Phil Smith on 04.03.19 at 23:55
Following a slightly puzzling conversation with Pete at the recent Birmingham gig, and a subsequent much more constructive and better informed email dialogue with him, I would just like to announce that I'm still trying to organise a gig in the Berwick/Eyemouth area at a future unspecified date. Early days...But I recall one kind gentleman's offer of financial assistance when I originally mooted the idea, and of course, I've forgotten his details, so any reminder could be crucial. My personal sponsorship of a gig is one thing [and I might add, guaranteed], but if one potential venue is selected, the costs of hiring such could be crippling [and, of course, nowt to do with Pete himself].
Must say, I have no recall of the forum in which I voiced my idea in the first place, but seem to recall it would have been on the MV site [not sure which forum carries more weight these days].
My email address is:- phil@philatwalk.co.uk.
Any reminders welcomed!!

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