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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 11:15)

Title: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 11:15
Huge thanks to all who came on Friday and who treated me so kindly.  There were quite a few first-timers, it seemed, or at least several who claimed not to have seen me for several decades.   It was another sell-out (to the extra extent that Mr W and I didn't even have a 'dressing-room' seat by the curtained-off sink in the corner this time), so fingers crossed there'll be another booking before too long.

Simon Wallace accompanied me on everything, and I added a bit of perfunctory guitar except as indicated ---

Laughing Boy
Master of the Revels (p only)
The Way You Are With Me
Between Us There Is Nothing (p only)
Ice Cream Man
Care-Charmer Sleep (p only)
My Brother's Keeper
History and Geography
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger
Time To Burn
Sessionman's Blues (p only)
I Feel Like Midnight (p only)
The Magic Wasn't There (p only)
Touch Has A Memory
The Faded Mansion On The Hill (p only)
Thief In The Night
The Colours Of The Night
Thirty Year Man (p only)
(enc) Orig. Orig. Honky Tonk N.T. Blues
(enc) Girl On The Train

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by avner greenberg on Today at 20:35
Thrilled to read about the latest gig. Sounds like a perfect treat for all present. And how good to see Pete in fine fettle, with those fingers flitting nimbly over the strings (thanks amark for giving us a taste of the evening, and welcome to the club).

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by sallygrain on 24.08.17 at 21:27
First ever post.   First ever concert of Pete at the Pheasantry. Despite  buying beautiful stranger in the 70's So good to finally see him live. Brilliant

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by S J Birkill on 27.08.17 at 08:28
Thank you Sally, and in another thread 'amarkmcq' -- I'm always very pleased to see first postings from recent members. The Forum is nothing like as active as it once was, and most new MVs now seem content to lurk in the background. Or perhaps they join, read a few messages and then forget about us. But it's great to hear an appreciative word from someone new.

It's especially good that you (Sally) were finally able to get to one of Pete's gigs, so long after buying his first album, and that you (Mark) shared with us your excellent videos of the event -- much appreciated. Seems from Pete's comments that there were quite a few 'first-timers' there, as well as some of the regulars.

Nothing definite lined up for the gigs diary at present, I'm afraid, though with Pete and Simon once again having sold out the Pheasantry, we expect (well, hope) they'll be back there again before too long. Pete tells me he's working on some new song ideas, so that should be an extra incentive to catch his next appearance.

It's been a while since any MV members organised an event for Pete. It needn't be a world tour -- take a look in the archives: we've seen recitals and members' gatherings in various parts of the country, in Scotland, and a couple of times even in Paris, set up by MVs. And most cities have either an arts or literary festival, or a jazz, folk or acoustic music venue, a Students' Union, library, a small concert hall on the revivals circuit or just the back room of a pub that books off-mainstream entertainments -- all places that will have their own networks to promote their events to the wider public. If you know the people involved with such a place, give them a call, ask if they've heard of the PA/CJ collaboration, see if they're interested in putting on an Atkin evening. If you believe they can make it work and attract the audience, then liaise with Pete, see if he's OK with the location and organisers, proposed date(s) and such, before putting them in touch.

Or how about a church hall, or, hey, a barn a marquee in your own back yard -- that's how we started. You'll have to organise and promote it yourself in that case, but it has been done, several times. If you have (or are) a strong contender for a booking, you can contact Pete through this forum -- click the 'Instant Message' (more accurately a personal message) link, in any of his posts. Or use the 'Bookings' email address in the 'Gigs' section of the Website (http://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#gigs).

Whatever comes along, and whenever, it'll be announced first here and on the Website. And the rest of you newcomers: tell us what you think!

Steve Birkill, Administrator & Webmaster

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by S J Birkill on 29.08.17 at 08:10

on 08/27/17 at 08:28:22, S J Birkill wrote :
...a marquee in your own back yard -- that's how we started.

And I've just been reminded -- it was 20 years ago this month!


Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by Seán Kelly on 30.08.17 at 08:22
Set list and info much appreciated Pete - hope to be at the next one :-)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by avner greenberg on 18.09.17 at 17:24
Hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Pete reappeared out of a virtual nowhere.
This anniversary deserves to be celebrated somewhere, as you suggest Steve.
And until then, a huge thank you to you and Carole for getting this unique start-up on the road and keeping it up over two decades.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, 18th August 2017
Post by amarkmcq on 27.09.17 at 22:50
18 August 2017

Girl on the Train -    https://youtu.be/NmSUPBfhYa0

Honky Tonk   https://youtu.be/lg0pSBJaOio

Sessionmans’ Blues https://youtu.be/69I6hXCc400

Thirty Year Man https://youtu.be/qCP1kZLHWNU

The Magic wasn’t there https://youtu.be/KPAqTq2BzGw

Colours of the Night  https://youtu.be/1LCXE6PWrtA

Thief in the Night   https://youtu.be/os6OX80tfyk

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