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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 05:11)

Title: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 05:11
Pete's irregular newsletter (http://www.peteatkin.com/mv/newsletter.php#MV1702) put in one of its rare appearances yesterday, with the surprise (to me!) announcement of two new gigs in the pipeline.

First is the Wimborne Literary Festival (http://www.wimborneliteraryfestival.co.uk) on Sunday, 21st May, at the library in the market town of Wimborne Minster in Dorset. Ian Shircore will be talking about, and no doubt reading from, his fine book on the James/Atkin songwriting partnership and its fruits, while Pete will be illustrating the presentation with a few well-chosen songs.

Then we have a solo appearance at the Second Time Around (http://secondtimearoundfolkclub.weebly.com/whats-on.html) Folk Club in Beeston, Nottingham, on Friday, 30th June, organised by MV member Colin Tucker.

I'll be adding this information (and more) to the "gigs" section of the Pete Atkin Website (http://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#gigs) when I have a moment free.

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Edited Newsletter link to point to MV1702

Title: Re: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by Simon Reap on 21.05.17 at 14:03
Just arrived in lovely Wimborne (it really is very pretty!), to find that we're getting a virtual Pete. He's stuck in Portugal, so they're going to try to Skype him in. Could be interesting.

Title: Re: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by S J Birkill on 21.05.17 at 20:54
How did it go, Simon? I hope the Skype connection worked -- I guess Ian would have had to illustrate the songs from CD, or from the website or YouTube. Must have been quite a frustration for Pete.

Title: Re: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by Simon Reap on 22.05.17 at 12:29
(second try at this - I made the mistake of refreshing the page!)

Sadly the technology failed them - the library was officially closed, so the WiFi was off. They did try a phone call, but Pete wasn't picking up!

So, it was Ian only, talking to about 40-50 people (we were told as we arrived about Pete's absence, and that we could have a refund if we didn't want to stay - I don't think many took up the offer). He gave a very enjoyable chat. He read a few sections form the book, including the one about first meeting Pete with his leather-jacketed and heavy set "security team", who turned out to be the lyricist(!), and the one about the all-night radio show they did where Clive basically took over. He played some songs from Midnight Voices (BotBS and Sessionman's Blues) and Colours of the night (The way you are with me). I think there were a couple of others, but my notes are at home.

He told us that Pete was on his first real holiday since is encounter with the bus, and was mortified that he couldn't be there - he had called the organisers on Saturday night, with the news that they had promised to get the passengers home "by Monday".

He talked quite a bit about Clive. He mentioned the couple of lines in the "Injury Time" poem collection which referred to his episode after a steroid dosage error. Ian spent a couple of hours with Clive last week - he sent his best wishes to the Wimborne crowd and was sorry that he couldn't be there. Ian also said that he was writing a book a bit like Loose Canon, but about Clive's poetry. Clive said he wanted someone to write it who wouldn't just write some heavy tome with detailed literary criticism, or a light one, or one with only the poems in it - he wanted a range of approaches, and as many asides as could be squeezed in.

Ian also promised to drag Pete to Wimborne some time in the near future, to give the two-hander that they had planned (and promised to let Pete go no further than Weston-Super-Mare before the gig). That'll be something to look forward to!

I'm pretty sure there were some other Midvodians there - I thought I recognized some faces from the last time I went to a clunch, but by the time I had sorted myself out at the end of the talk and was going to say hello, they'd all gone! I should have been braver before the talk.

Ian shifted quite a few CDs and books at the end - I think we may have a few more converts. While I was having my book signed, I mentioned Patrick E Reindhart's lovely saxophone on Dancing Master - I'm not sure Ian had noticed what the name was an anagram of.... :-)

All in all, definitely worth the drive down. I was glad that, when I phoned to check ticket availability, the nice lady in Gulliver's bookshop offered to set aside a ticket for me (there were only 4 left on Saturday lunchtime) for me to pick up at the gig. That saved a 2-hour round trip just to buy a ticket. There were other interesting sounding events in the Festival - next time I'll plan ahead more and try to make it to some of them. The organiser, Martin, did a great job with this event, despite missing one of the main participants.

Title: Re: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by S J Birkill on 22.05.17 at 18:02
Thank you Simon. And well done Ian!

Title: Re: Two new gigs coming up!
Post by Pete Atkin on 25.05.17 at 17:24
I'm so, so sorry not to have been able to be at Wimborne on Sunday, but it sounds as if Ian S did superbly well, and not just in the circumstances.   My unflexible trip to Portugal had been booked long before the Wimborne date was offered, so the timing was always a bit tight, but we thought - hah! - that it would all be manageable and OK.  

I was booked on a 10pm easyJet flight from Porto to Bristol and arrived at the airport to news of its cancellation and the prospect, as it turned out, of four hours queueing to be recheduled.   I could have taken a six hour midnight bus ride to Faro and then a flight on Sunday to Newcastle.  That wouldn't have got me to Wimborne in time, of course, so we opted for a three hour midnight bus ride to Lisbon and a flight to Gatwick at 640am on Tuesday.   Heigh ho.  

I phoned Ian S from the airport on Saturday night in order to give him plenty of time to build up his anxiety, and spoke to him and the festival organiser again several times from my hotel in Lisbon on Sunday morning.  The Skype thing seemed possible, until they discovered they couldn't get any WiFi at the Wimborne end.  Anyway, there I was sitting and watching my phone for the call, but it never happened, not at my end anyway.  So it goes.  

I do hope that Ian and I may get another opportunity to test out our routine as we had originally planned it.  It sounds as if it was in any case a good and useful way to make contact with a bunch of people who previously hadn't known about the songs at all.


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