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(Message started by: Seán Kelly on Today at 11:36)

Title: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 11:36

Setlist (believed to be accurate – but I kept forgetting to make notes so you never know…)

1.      The Way You Are
2.      Luck of the Draw
3.      The Beautiful Changes
4.      I Wouldn’t Hear A Word Against The Spring
5.      We Will Live Again
6.      Touch has a Memory
7.      The Last Hill
8.      The Trophies of My Lovers Gone
9.      Time To Burn
10.      Thirty Year Man


1.      The King is Dead (That Was The Way To Be Alive)
2.      I See The Joker
3.      Perfect Moments
4.      Nothing Left To Say
5.      The Hollow and The Fluted Night
6.      Carnations on the Roof
7.      The Flowers and The Wine
8.      The Colours of the Night
9.      All I Ever Did – and straight into
10.      Laughing Boy
11.      Sunrise
12.      Girl On The Train

Well the general concensus* was that this one was even better than the last Pheasantry gig. Pete was in as good a form as I have ever seen him, if anything more relaxed and confident than before.  

Simon Wallace was absolutely on the spot in exactly the way you would want him to be, creating a perfect setting, fitting round the vocal lines and occasionally taking off for perfect tumbling solos.  

The setlist included a number of rarely (or in one case, never) played songs.  Pete played the first two songs of the second set on his own, on piano.  Otherwise he played guitar or just sang while Simon accompanied on piano.  Sometimes rocking to great effect eg on The Last Hill, and yet it was some of the quieter songs which made the most impact on me.  At certain points the combination of Pete’s voice and Simon’s piano was so delicate and so right that a sensation of time itself slowing down crept over me, for example in the coda to the Hollow and the Fluted Night…”and what goodbyes are more alone than this?”

The Pheasantry itself remains a delight, especially because the sound seems to be so excellent.

Pete made reference to the jazz singer Bob Dorough (Simon Wallace is accompanying him tonight, 18th March, at the Pizza Express in Dean Street) who is still performing at the age of 94, and suggested that this meant he might have a few more years of performing himself. Let’s hope so. As far as I am concerned these gigs could be rerun every month or two - and on out of sight - and I’d be booked up.  What a great night.  Thanks Pete! Thanks Simon!


Hmm - looks like he's clocked me in this one !

*NB in this case ‘the general concensus’ was formed by me and Sylfest chatting briefly in the Gents toilet afterwards – other opinions may be available!  :)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by Carole on Today at 18:05
What a splendid review,  Seán! Good photos and it's really nice to get some feel of the atmosphere too. I was hoping I could rely on you - and I could! You're an ace chap Mr Kelly. But then I always knew that.  :)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by Keith Busby on Today at 18:10
Good job, Seán! Greetings from TrumpWorld.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 18:36
Cheers Keith! - and mutual appreciation society with you Carole [sorry everyone else :-)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by S J Birkill on 20.03.17 at 19:39
Here are the hand-held front row videos Seán shot on Friday. I've placed them all on my YouTube channel, to make then easier to find and link to for those who aren't MV members:

The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley (https://youtu.be/CT1fbh-Zkog)

The King Is Dead (https://youtu.be/WHwvGwr76eY)

Nothing Left To Say (https://youtu.be/-DIbPRY3sc8)

All I Ever Did; Laughing Boy (https://youtu.be/vZUCWOXZOZw)

Sunrise (https://youtu.be/_l7fAPBXfbA)

Many a thank to Seán!

Title: Re: The Pheasantry 17th March with Simon Wallace
Post by Pete Atkin on 09.04.17 at 18:44
A belated but exceptionally large and sincere thank to everyone who came and who made such a generous audience.  As you know, this was my second visit to the Pheasantry and it was particularly good to go in this time with the good experience of last November's gig, not least that the piano and the sound are so good there.   I already knew, of course, what a plus it had been - and would be again - to work with Simon Wallace.   An additional piece of good news for me is that they have already asked me about my availability for another one in a few months' time, so I hope to have news about a third booking before too long.  Meanwhile, thank you all again.  Here's to the next time.

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