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(Message started by: Seán Kelly on Today at 10:37)

Title: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 10:37
http://www.peteatkin.com/images/seanpheasantry850.jpg (https://c5.staticflickr.com/6/5674/30774166236_d75dbaefa7_h.jpg)

Wow, that was a gig! A great gig indeed.  

If the Harlow Museum was welcome proof that Pete is back in action then tonight was the wide-screen version which made me at least wish that a film crew from the BBC had been there to capture it (hey if it's good enough for Van Morrison...!).  

The addition of Simon Wallace seemed to give the songs room to breathe and open up.  Simon is an exceptional accompanist who in true Jazz style sometimes seems to allude to the tune rather than forcing it upon you.  That left Pete free to lead and unencumbered by playing the piano he focussed on singing the songs, sometimes it seemed almost as if for the first time, weighing each phrase and varying the emphasis in repeated lines.  If the guy in the song thinks "30 years in the racket" is a long time he should follow Pete who has spent longer but who managed to bring an amazing freshness to these songs last night.

Set Lists I am leaving to others since I know they will be coming (Hi John!) but highlights for me included a terrific Dancing Master and a fierce (military-style) Colours of the Night.  One notable addition was Let's Try The Whole Thing Again, one of a few songs added at the last minute to the set-list which led Pete to play the piano himself and Simon to sit and watch.  On other songs Pete played guitar along with Simon but for much of the time he simply took the luxury of sitting on the stool, as in my snap above, and just leaning into the music so excellently played by Simon.  

This was Pete on as good a form as I have ever seen him - what a treat!

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Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 10:43
I wholeheartedly agree with Sean, it was a wonderful and varied set, the songs sounded fresh and Pete's stories and introductions to the songs added something new.

A very good evening was had by all.

With my tongue in my cheek, given the teams playing just up the road at Stamford Bridge yesterday late afternoon, Carnatiions on the Roof may have been an apposite addition to the set.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Carole on Today at 17:44
Glad you enjoyed it Ian, and thanks very much Seán  for the fabulous photo and great review! This always looked like it would be a great venue and it certainly sounds like it was a great gig! Thanks again! Big wave from Squamish  :)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by John_Waites on 07.11.16 at 18:16
Lovely venue, I have been there before.

Like Ian Ashleigh and party we got caught up in the Chelsea football traffic, dumped cars at World's End and walked the final stint. Ian suggested Carnations on the roof might have been appropriate, I thought perhaps Rider to the World's End. We had booked a table in advance so were straight in front of the stage, next to Sean Kelly. Sean took much better photographs, as well rescuing us from a napkin that caught fire from a candle, so I won't post one of my photos.

The setlist was:

Master of the Revels, leading in to
Touch has a memory
Screen Freak
Have you got a biro I can borrow
An empty table
Sessionman's blues
Thief in the night
Let's try the whole thing again
Colours of the night, aka Here we stay


Perfect moments
Time to burn
Beware of the beautiful stranger
The way you are with me
The closer someone is
Dancing Master
Senior Citizens
Between us there is nothing
Thirty year man


Hypertension Kid
Girl on the train

As already mentioned by others Pete and Simon were outstanding. My favourite on the night was Thirty year man. Antoinette who is a newbie Midnight Voice particularly liked BOTBS and Hypertension Kid, the latter for its unusual rhythm.

Pete said early in the proceedings that this was the first of a hopefully lengthy series of farewell concerts. Very lengthy, I hope. The greats are leaving us at a fast rate at the moment.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Carole on 07.11.16 at 18:28
Thanks, John! That's a great set-list. It was a gig we would have liked to attend.  :)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Seán Kelly on 07.11.16 at 19:27
Cheers Carole - Hi to Squamish :-)  and thanks for the setlist John.  Sadly no photos of the flaming napkin - I must be getting slow :-)

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Pete Atkin on 08.11.16 at 14:06
Huge thankyous to everyone who took the trouble to come and who responded so encouragingly and generously.   I'm only sorry that the 'dressing room' arrangement at the Pheasantry (anyone who's been there will understand the significance of the inverted commas) meant that I didn't get the chance to say even a quick hello to a lot of people it would have been good to greet.    

I knew in advance that working with Simon Wallace was going to be a major plus, a huge advantage for a whole bunch of good reasons.

For the record (hello, Janice!) a few footnotes for the setlist
-- All songs were just me singing and Simon playing, except: Have You Got A Biro?, Thief in the Night, Colours of the Night, Beware of the Beautiful Stranger, Hypertension Kid (yes, that's right), Girl on the Train, which were me on guitar, with Simon joining in
-- Senior Citizens -- I joined on guitar in the chorus
-- Canoe, Let's Try the Whole Thing Again, Dancing Master - just me on piano

It was a particularly signficant one for me, as I'm sure you all understand, so all the more reason for further thanks to everyone, including the Pheasantry staff, who I thought were all terrific, especially Graham who did such a great job on the sound.

Title: Re: The Pheasantry, Chelsea 5th Nov 2016
Post by Jan on 10.11.16 at 20:39
Many thanks Pete!
I'm sorry I missed it all.

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