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(Message started by: slaybrook on Today at 18:53)

Title: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by slaybrook on Today at 18:53
Hello to all.

Well it's been four years now since Le Champ de RÍves. I started thinking it was about time we invited Pete back to St Germain en Laye. Only this time I didn't want to go to the bother and expense of hiring the Ch‚teau Auditorium.

The original idea was to do something for La FÍte de la Musique, on 21st June 2017, and I wanted to invite Henry Priestman, (ex Yachts and Christians) an old school chum, to play along with Pete. However 21st June falls mid-week, Henry wasn't available anyway and so it didn't really work out.

So then we thought why not do a private garden concert party, for MVs and Pete's Paris-region fans (!), on 24th June 2017 (probably)?

Aim would be to limit numbers to 40-50 and charge something like last time (Ä20-25) to contribute towards costs.

Pete is quite open to the idea. Assuming the weather is good the general idea would be to open the garden like last time for a relaxed afternoon's entertainment, picnicing, quizes, music and then Pete could play from early evening onwards on the terrace, two sets maybe? We could retire to the nearby bars afterwards as we did last time.

I will rent/buy/borrow/get in lots of folding chairs...

If the weather is poor we have a reasonably big living room which could accomodate plenty of us and has a baby grand piano. If the weather is good this would be an opportunity for Pete (if he is up for it!) to play in a more intimate setting.

For those interested it could be the focus of what could be sculpted into a rather fine weekend, including spending time in this gem of a town with lots of history, a fine market and delightful town centre.

I really do think this could be our last concert promotion too!

The purpose of this post is to ascertain whether there is sufficient enthusiasm in principle amongst MVs this time around. Your feedback and comments would be welcome so we can take a decision over the next few weeks and months.

All the best

Oliver Ash

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 21:13
I'll be there God willing but I can't guarantee a quiz, you may be disappointed to learn. The last show (4 years ago already??!!) was a great success thanks to Oliver and his family. Great place St. Germain, a real town and not just another suburb. Be there or be square.

Title: Re: Champ de RÍves 2017...
Post by S J Birkill on 23.09.16 at 09:24
This will be a garden party not to be missed! Let's hope Oliver gathers sufficient interest to make it play. For those who missed our coverage of the 2012 event, and in case Oliver's proposal doesn't make it all sound sufficiently appetising (though I don't see how it can fail to appeal), here is my account of that first Champ de RÍves, on May 26th 2012, with photos of Oliver's historic mansion and walled garden, as well as the ch‚teau which hosted the recital back then:

www.peteatkin.com/chateau.htm (http://www.peteatkin.com/chateau.htm)

http://www.peteatkin.com/images/mary,%20steve%20&%20house.jpg http://www.peteatkin.com/images/bedroom%20view.jpg (http://www.peteatkin.com/chateau.htm)

It's a little early yet to say whether Carole and I will be able to make it over from Canada -- I think we'll need to synchronise it with overdue visits to friends in the UK -- but we'll jolly well try.

And Oliver, it's probably worth noting that MV doesn't seem to feature as prominently as it used to among many members' browser tabs, as evidenced by the number of members who expressed shock at Pete's accident in January, months after it was reported here. In order to reach your target audience it might be necessary to promote the event on Rob Spence's Facebook group The Pete Atkin and Clive James Appreciation Society (https://www.facebook.com/groups/121229350012/), and via Pete's occasional e-mail Newsletter (subscriptions via the Smash Flops front page (http://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#newsletter)), as well as here. Both are private lists, so they're 'safe'. (But you came to the right place first!)

Good luck with this generous venture.


Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Keith Busby on 23.09.16 at 16:29
One could be tempted, depending on other summer commitments. The lack of a quiz would be an additional attraction.

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Rob Spence on 25.09.16 at 14:05
This is very appealing. I would hope to be there.

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Ian Ashleigh on 28.09.16 at 08:55
I've checked the calendar and all being well, we'll make it a long weekend - drive down on Friday and drive back on Sunday - and we have a couple of folding chairs we could bring with us.

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Ian Sorensen on 28.09.16 at 18:02
Ah! Paris in the very, very late Spring....

I think Yvonne Rowse and myself would be well up for this little escapade. And I think we could save Monsieur  Chippett the trouble of making up a new quiz - the old one would do perfectly well since nobody could either answer the questions or, in many cases, understand them.

Forge ahead Oliver and put that piano tuner on danger money - I sense an Original Original Honky Tonk Train is a-coming.

Ian Sorensen

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Ian Chippett on 03.10.16 at 17:55
I have a piano tuner on hand if necessary. The quiz looks inevitable, I fear. Oliver vetoed my suggestion of a penalty shootout between MV Brexiters (the Leave team would be obliged to be blindfolded as they probably were when voting.) John Waites would have been wearing just a blindfold for various reasons but sadly this is out of the question

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Anjistar on 07.10.16 at 17:32
We'll be up for that. It'll make me a nice birthday outing!

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by avner greenberg on 15.10.16 at 10:22
Splendid news! Thank you Oliver for initiating the idea and offering to host the event. Count me and wife in please.

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Chelsjen on 29.10.16 at 12:09
I'm interested too.   Probably just me on my own.  Is it a camping sort of do?  

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Rob Spence on 05.01.17 at 17:08
Is this event definitely going ahead? Trying to sort out commitments for the year, and it would be great to know. Oliver?

Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by slaybrook on 26.01.17 at 14:35
I'm afraid it's not going to happen this Summer after all.

After much mulling it over and consideration of various practical challenges it is a work-related problem which has pushed us over the edge. So the idea is cancelled for this Summer and I'm sorry to disappoint those who have pencilled it in and were looking forward to it, as indeed we were. Perhaps it could be revived at a later date and if that looks to be a serious possibility and Pete is still able and willing then I will be back here in a flash.

All the best


Title: Re: Champs de RÍves 2017...
Post by Ian Sorensen on 02.02.17 at 10:12
I understand why Oliver has reluctantly postponed the event - after all, it was going to not only take over his house for a weekend but most likely his life for weeks. While I'm disappointed not to be seeing Pete and the other MVs in the idyllic setting proposed by Oliver I'm sure Yvonne and I will make the effort to attend another gig this year.

Thanks for trying, Oliver, and please consider reviving the idea next year. (Can I also recommend retirement as a method of removing conflicts between one's social life and work commitments? Working fine for me......)


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