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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 11:01)

Title: The Bristol Fringe - May 27th 2014- not quite a gig
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 11:01
Bristol songwriters Sarah Menage, Pete Brandt, and Andy Davis have started a last-Tuesday-of-the-month event at the Bristol Fringe bar (formerly the Greyhound pub) in Clifton village, Bristol.   They invite a bunch of fellow-songwriters along and everyone sings two or three songs.  The USP is a Q&A session with the audience.   The whole thing is conducted under the auspices of Songwriting Magazine.  Here's their review of the last session, which featured the Shrinks' Dave Brown --


I'll be participating in the next one on Tuesday May 27th.  Specific details aren't yet up, but here's the Bristol Fringe link --


It all happens in a congenial room at the back of the bar (stage, lights, PA, etc.), where indeed the Shrinks have played not long since.   It's free and there's decent beer.  I'm expecting - hoping - to be preaching to some of the unconverted, but if there's a friendly converted face I'll be delighted tp greet it and its owner.

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