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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 23:19)

Title: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 23:19
Here's a date for your diaries - details to come.

Title: Re: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by Kevin Cryan on 01.03.13 at 10:15
Here is a link for those who may wish to do some direct checks.

Frome Festival (http://www.fromefestival.co.uk/) 5th - 14th July 2013.

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 01.03.13 at 10:16
The venue is The Archangel, 1 King Street, Frome, Somerset - http://www.archangelfrome.com

Title: Frome Festival - CHANGE OF DATE - now Sunday 7th July 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 02.03.13 at 10:06
Apologies from Andy Morten, but clashes and stuff have forced this change.  Probably all for the best.  Hope that doesn't muck up anyone's plans.

Title: Re: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by sjm on 18.05.13 at 16:42
Reminder - tickets to see Pete at the Frome Festival go on sale tomorrow (Sun 19th May).

Title: Re: Frome Festival 7th July 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 11.06.13 at 17:13
Just to reinforce - this gig is on Sunday the SEVENTH of July

Title: Re: Frome Festival Sunday 7th July 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 08.07.13 at 11:50
Congratulations to Mr Murray, but extra special thanks to him for getting the job done in good time.  I was even able to watch the end of the match before setting off for Frome.  I had had visions of the match still going on at 9pm which might well have reduced the size of the audience.  As it was, the room was thoroughly and gratifyingly packed.  They ran out of chairs, which has to be some kind of a good sign, and some of the audience in the first half had to be outside the door.  There must have been, I don't know, fifty or sixty in a smallish space, but a good set-up and an excellent atmosphere.  I was performing in the fireplace, sort of.   I can't remember, even in a folk club, when I last played in quite such close proximity to (some of) the audience.   So big, big thanks to Andy Morten for setting up and organising the whole thing (Andy, who lives in Frome, was a prime mover in the Cherry Red re-release of The Beautiful Changes).

Thdere were one or two familiar faces in the audience (hello Ray Ascott!) but not that many, an impression reinforced by the number of laughs during Beware of the Beautiful Stranger, so once again I don't know if there were any MV posters present.  I certainly didn't spot anyone making notes, so here for the record is the setlist ---

The Beautiful Changes (g)
Ice Cream Man (g)
Master of the Revels (p) segue into...
You Better Face It Boy (p)
An Empty Table (p)
Girl on the Train (g)
Thief in the Night (g)
Dancing Master (p)
I See the Joker (p)
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (uke)
Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow? (g)
Canoe (p)
Me to Thank (p)
Touch Has A Memory (p)
Tonight Your Love Is Over (g)
The Last Hill... (g)
A Hill of Little Shoes (p)
Too Late For Me (p)
Wristwatch for a Drummer (g)
Thirty Year Man (p)
Laughing Boy (g)
Carnations on the Roof (g) (requested by a nice couple from NZ)

Title: Re: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by Stephen_Payne on 09.07.13 at 22:03
I think this may be the first time I've posted on this forum (?)...though I was lucky enough to be around when Midnight Voices started by email, lucky enough to be at Monyash, Buxton etc.

Lovely concert, a real delight, such a small, crowded space. I shared Pete's impression that a lot of the audience didn't know the songs...but loved them.

A couple of new songs for me, which sounded great, and now I'm looking forward to the new album.

Thanks Pete.

Title: Re: Frome Festival 6th July 2013
Post by Clairette on 28.07.13 at 18:47
I too was at Frome and it was a wonderful...and hot...evening. We planned a holiday in the west-ish country round it. We'd have gone to Eastbourne as well except that there wasn't a campsite sufficiently near.

I did make a note of the playlist at the time and in between 'The Last Hill' and 'Tonight Your Love is Over' I've got something - I can't read my own writing - that appears to say 'Candy Horton'. I wonder what that was about?

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