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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 16:15)

Title: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 16:15
The admirable Darius Drewe has booked me to appear at the Arts4every1 Centre, Old St John's Church, Desborough Road, High Wycombe HP11 2PU on 14th June.  There will probably be a local support act, and then I'll do a couple of sets from about 9pm.   It's not yet listed on the www.Arts4every1.com website but it'll no doubt be there with further details before very long.

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 17:29
Tickets for this event. (http://www.ents24.com/web/event/Pete-Atkin-Arts4Every1-High-Wycombe-Community-Arts-Centre-3306704.html)

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 15.06.13 at 12:08
Big thankyous to everyone who came, to Darius Drewe for making it happen, and to Andy and Steve for great sound.  Here's the list while I can still retrieve it.   I took the black Atkin and the nylon-strung Taylor.

1st set
The Beautiful Changes (A)
Thief in the Night (T)
Now We're Not Together (p)
Perfect moments (ep)
Driving Through Mythical America (A)
Luck of the Draw (A) - segue into
The Pearl-Driller (A)
Carnations on the Roof (A)
You Better Face it, Boy (ep)
Prince of Aquitaine (p)
Wristwatch for a Drummer (A)

2nd set
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (T)
Tonight Your Love Is Over (T)
I see the Joker (p)
Too Late For Me (p)
The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley (A)
An Empty Table (p)
But Here We Stay (A)
The Original Original H.T.N.T. Blues (A)
+1 Girl on the Train (A)
+2 Touch Has A Memory (p)

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Pat Jeffcoate on 20.06.13 at 22:27
Of all the times we've seen Pete, starting at the Shaw Theatre in 1974, this was the show my wife, Jean, and I enjoyed most.  Maybe it was the informal, intimate venue, maybe it was his being solo, but we felt as if we really appreciated Pete's instrumental and vocal talents fully for the first time.

So next time you're in the studio Pete, just take yourself, a couple of guitars and an electric piano - we'll be happy!  Thanks for a great evening.

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Pete Atkin on 21.06.13 at 11:28
Thank you so much for that, Pat (and Jean).  I was just about to conclude that there had been no MV posters among the audience and that I was therefore free to hint subtly that this might have been one of my greatest ever performances hem hem.  The fact is, it's always a relief to get away with it.  While I'm anxious about every gig (it's a positive and a requirement to be nervous), I do look forward to every one, so I'm glad it's not long till the next couple.

I just thought I'd confirm what some of you may have noticed in the setlist, namely that there are a couple of unfamiliar titles there because they were first-ever outings for a couple of the things I'll be working on over the summer with that nice Mr Wallace once he's back from his triumphs in Oz with the Divine Miss Jungr.

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by oliver ash on 27.06.13 at 09:26
Having just had the pleasure of reading Pete's latest Newsletter I am reminded that it is just over a year since the Chateau de RÍves in St Germain en Laye.
Those were the days...a strange yellow ball of fire in the sky forced us to take shade under the lime trees while wracking our brains for answers to the PA trivia quiz.
Many good memories... Anyhow it's good to see Pete still busy gigging...perhaps another crack at the St Germain en Laye audiences in 2014...?

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by Ian Chippett on 27.06.13 at 10:25
Yes but no quiz next time: it'll be fancy dress. You can come as a gypsy as in BoTBS, as an ageing gangster as in I See The Joker, a cowboy as in Stranger In Town etc etc, the possibilities are endless. If you come as Madame Pompadour as in Payday Evening, they'll probably send you to Versailles instead.

Ian C

Title: Re: High Wycombe 14th June 2013
Post by ChrisH on 02.09.13 at 18:45
A very belated post from me (as usual) but it really was an excellent evening with new songs and new arrangements of some firm favourites. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and hope they get Pete back again soon.

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