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(Message started by: Russ Chandler on Today at 17:40)

Title: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Russ Chandler on Today at 17:40
Hi all

Pete will be playing an all too rare London gig on Sunday April 22nd 2012.

The Venue is Walthamstow Folk Club at  Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 4SA.

This is a different venue from where we were last time Pete came to see us, but we did use this venue previously so it might be familiar to some of you.

For those of you who have been to see Pete play E17 before our new home is much bigger and more comfortable than our previous home at the Plough and has been substantially renovated since the last time Pete came here.

It'll be two full sets from Pete with opportunities in between for anyone to get up from the floor and give us a song or a tune if anyone out there in MV land fancies it.

Loads of details at http://www.walthamstowfolk.co.uk

We're very unlikely to sell out in our new bigger room but if you're travelling a long way and want to make sure you get in you can buy advance tickets online from http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=490635&interface=

Look forward to seeing you!

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Seán Kelly on 09.02.12 at 19:06
Top Work Russ - See you there  :D

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Carole on 09.02.12 at 19:43
Thought you might like that one!  :-)

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Jan on 23.04.12 at 10:50
OK Seán and Russ, where's that review  :)
(and set list!)

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Pete Atkin on 23.04.12 at 11:53
There were a few on-the-hoof changes, but I think this is right--

The Beautiful Changes (g)
The Way It Will Go (g)
Master of the Revels (p)
You Better Face It Boy (p)
Canoe (p)
Driving Through Mythical America (p)
What Am I Supposed To Do? (g)
Wristwatch For A Drummer (g)
Laughing Boy (g)
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (g)
Empty Table (p)
Dancing Master (p)
Eye of the Universe (g)
Carnations on the Roof (g)
Me To Thank (p)
Thirty Year Man (p)
I See The Joker (p)
Apparition in Las Vegas (g)
Here We Stay (g)
(encore) Perfect Moments (p)

It turns out that the Plough, the venue for my last couple of gigs at Walthamstow is now no more, replaced by a supermarket with little or no interest in promoting music.  Meanwhile the Rose and Crown is under new management who have turned the large upstairs room where I played before into an impressively well set up little theatre with seventy or eighty seats all of which, I'm pleased to say, were filled last night.  Big, big thanks to Russ and Kevin and Clare and to everyone who tipped up on a rainy Sunday evening.

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Russ Chandler on 23.04.12 at 12:50
Thought it was possibly the best gig I've seen Pete do. Great atmosphere too.

A big thank you to everybody who came. To be candid we really didn't expect quite so many and were a bit caught on the hop so thank you to everybody for being patient and helpful. Sorry to everybody who couldn't get it.

Two great sets from Pete including a version of "Laughing Boy" which was quite breathtaking, even though I can't quite put my finger on why.

I think my only disappointment was that you guys didn't get to hear Pete's canter through "His Latest Flame" in the soundcheck. The Pete Atkin Rock 'N Roll Christmas Party, anyone?

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Seán Kelly on 23.04.12 at 13:23
Sorry Jan – and Phew thanks for the setlist Pete, I was going to struggle there.  I must admit that keen as I am to report I still sit there just soaking up the whole experience – and not scribbling in a handy jotter.

I must also claim an excuse for not reporting earlier; in that since I live so close my wife was still awake by the time I got home – so I made my late night report to her rather than you all – terrible I know  :).

Well it was a great gig.  At half-time Russ said to me in a low voice at the bar “He’s on great form tonight isn’t he?”. No need for the low voice Russ – it’s true – and most people in the bar knew it too!

The upstairs of the Rose and Crown in Walthamstow is now a proper little theatre and the set last night looked like something from some ancient Saturday TV show like the Golden Shot. Lots of gold lame curtains etc.  Turns out it was of course from their latest production (about the golden age of movies?).  Anyway a charming, if slightly seedy,  cabaret-style setting for Pete – it almost looked like we could expect strippers later! – so a slightly odd ambience  :).

After some excellent local performers including the host Kevin Sheils and our own (MV) Russ Chandler – who has a new cd out (he cheerfully pointed out that it includes his version of Thief in the Night and that therefore no self-respecting Pete Atrkin completist should go home without a copy  :)).  

Also MV Al Neville was on hand to sing a song about finding a copy of A King at Nightfall in a charity shop in Swanage – a rather poignant number which didn’t require extensive specialist knowledge to appreciate it.

Pete began with The Beautiful Changes on guitar.  A very nice version. Lots of words in this one – but Pete had a lyric sheet out – on the basis that then he wouldn’t need it.   Then he played one of the newer songs, The Way It Will Go. I must admit I am getting to know some of these new songs rather well (I don’t mind that at all!).  This one is a song from the point of view of someone who knows their love is not going to work out. I really like these short numbers – and this one has a great “ear-worm” tune.

Master of the Revels was rollicking - and segued into (is that the correct technical term? ie was joined at the hip with) You Better Face It Boy which as Pete pointed out is the exact opposite side of the coin. It was so convincingly conveyed as to be almost chilling ; “there isn’t anyone in town who hasn’t heard it all before… you’re not the big draw anymore”.   Blimey!  It left me hoping this was just Clive’s imagination – and that no-one actually said this stuff to him.

Canoe followed strongly – and then Driving Through Mythical America – wow – really great! From a slightly tentative start Pete built up the rhythm which drives the song forward.  This was marvelous.

Well I won’t go through every song of the night – but just to note a couple of things;

Sadly when the Wristwatch for a Drummer reached the line about the warning bell it was met with silence…. no Andy Love in the house obviously!

Laughing Boy ended the first set and the audience sang along gently in a very folk club way – which seemed to be well appreciated by Pete – very nice  :)

Then, after the interval and raffle and some more local performers (including Russ saying he was disappointed with his sales; ‘I bet you all rushed out and bought that Val Doonican album with The Flowers and the Wine on it didn’t you’?  :)) we had set two from Pete.

Early highlights for me were an excellent Empty Table and a fabulous, almost funky, Carnations on the Roof – once Pete hits that groove it could go on all night!.

Another new one Me To Thank is also really growing on me having heard it now a few times live. Both in the lyric and the tune this one really does sound like something from tin-pan alley or an old musical – I really like that. I hope Pete does record an album of new songs this year as he indicated last night.  

I See The Joker was powerful and scary as always – and also very good to hear was a rare outing for Apparition in Las Vegas.

The final song of the set-proper Here We Stay was powerful and marched along – I think by now it’s only me who reminisces about the softer version we once heard in Sheffield (I suppose there’s no chance of putting out both versions on a double sided single is there?? No? okay  :)).

Finally Perfect Moments was a request from an audience member– for the encore - and was perfectly formed (as always  :)) – a very nice finish.

I did take a couple of snaps – I will put them up when I can (I’m not at home now).

And finally to echo all the thanks to Russ, Clare and Kevin – and even more so to Pete – really appreciated - a lovely evening.

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Jan on 23.04.12 at 14:54
Thanks Sean, Russ and Pete. I'm sorry I wasn't there  :'(
The beautiful changes and What am I supposed to do? You had a couple of rarities there. I don't think Pete has sung the latter in a very long time. Julie Covington sang it on The Party's Moving On LP back in 1969.

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Russ Chandler on 23.04.12 at 15:10
Just to explain the set, by the way...

Part of the deal we have with the Rose & Crown is that we have to run within whatever staging is in place for the current production.

Sean is quite correct that this week that's a show called "The Golden Age of Movies", hence the faded picture palace setting.

It's actually quite good fun. On another week Pete's gig might have taken place in a junk yard, on the Somme, in some sort of Parisian cellar bar, in a weird room full of doors or in our favourite so far, a World War II Fighter Command Control Room.

We liked the way that one had loads of RAF roundels on the walls which gave the folk club a nice pop-art feel!

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Kevin_Sheils on 23.04.12 at 17:26
Just to add my thanks to Pete for an outstanding night, and all of you without whom etc etc.

It's always a pleasure to welcome Pete to Walthamstow.

Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Seán Kelly on 23.04.12 at 18:38
Here's a picture - showing just a small slice of the glamour of the golden age of movies - and Pete   :)


Title: Re: Walthamstow Folk Club April 22nd 2012
Post by Mike Walters on 27.04.12 at 13:35
Sorry I missed what sounds as if it was a terrific performance.  Though surely, against that backdrop, Pete missed a small trick in not playing 'Screen-freak'?

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