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(Message started by: Seán Kelly on Today at 20:18)

Title: Last Night at The Walthamstow Folk Club
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 20:18
I've got a nasty feeling I am in the wrong section of this forum (shouldn't Gigs be for PA gigs only? ..but I'm not quite off-topic entirely or talking about a chum) - so forgive me if I am but...

last night at the Walthamstow Folk Club the main performer was a certain Mr Robb Johnson, one of our number (MV's) indeed.  Robb played a customarily excellent set - but before him a local (I presume) guy called Russ came up and reminded us that a while back Pete Atkin had payed the club.  When Pete played there Russ had done a Robb Johnson song - so last night he reversed the process and gave us a very nice version of Ice-cream Man on acoustic guitar.  In the audience, and waiting to go on next, RJ was audibly singing along - and then - bless him - went on stage muttering about how very unfair it was for him to have follow a Pete Atkin song!
Just a nice moment there!

Title: Re: Last Night at The Walthamstow Folk Club
Post by Russ_Chandler on 08.11.05 at 11:48
Glad you enjoyed it, Sean!

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