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Midnight Voices Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"
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   Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"
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   Author  Thread: Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"  (Read 3006 times)
Jeremy Pymer
MV Friend

Impractical Man

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Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"
« : 27.06.06 at 00:38 »

Doing the washing up after lunch today, minding my own business, when who should issue forth from the steam radio but himself, though not quite himself.
"Sunrise" was the subject of a question on Radio 4's "The Write Stuff" today, re the reference to John Donne's "unruly sun".  In order to get in sufficient context, a clip of most of the relevant verse was included, but owing to what I guess were time constraints, or possibly just a cock-up, the recording had been slightly speeded up, to Pete's great disadvantage.  His voice was a little unearthly as a result, and produced the same shivery response in me as that evoked the only time I heard a (very old) recording of a castrato.  
To make matters worse, whoever answered the question alleged that the only words he had understood were "unruly sun" (and gave the answer re Donne) and on being pressed as to the singer's identity, said he thought it was one of "those bedsit strummers", possibly Al Stewart.  He was put right by the Chairman and the music and words were properly credited between Pete and CJ, but I ask you......  
The programme is repeated on Saturday at 11pm.  Listen in to be mildly outraged at the insolent ignorance of it all.
Guess there's a link via the BBC website, should you care to join the green ink brigade.
Looking forward to meeting to renewing my acquaintance with 79 of you and your guests at the Lantern in September, but most of all to hearing Pete sounding just like himself.
Jeremy Pymer
Wondering what it's all  coming to in Fowlmere, South Cambs.
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Dave Jones
MV Fresher

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Re: Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"
« Reply #1: 01.07.06 at 22:04 »

You can also "Listen Again" as I do via the BBC website.  The show is available for 7 days  after initial broadcast.  If you listen webwise, as I do, it's actually better than live feed, which is subject to dropouts and strange distortions.  Ah, to hear the Archers again after all  these years !
Which brings me to the subject of Pete's production work.   He's doing a lot more than just "This Sceptred Isle" these days, but the  BBC doesn't do production credits on the website.  You  have to listen to the audio credits.  Would Pete himself care to list his current productions ?
Dave Jones
Producing hot air in Rochester NY.
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