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 1   Pete Atkin / News / Have you got an artist I can borrow?  18.10.12 at 14:25 
Just a pointer to a Beeb slide show about a certain artist who uses a famous pen exclusively to produce photo-realistic images.  Somebody up there knows our hero's music and used it to accompany the first half of the slide show.  Hardly surprising, I suppose, given Pete's later career.
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 2   Pete Atkin / News / Re: Unreliable Memoirs on Radio 4  22.10.06 at 01:33 
-- Cary (with a 'C' wrote)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>All programs repeated the folowing morning at 0.30
And let us not forget that all such broadcasts can be heard,  over and over if necessary, via the Listen Again feature on bbc.co.uk.  Good news for correspondents in Israel,  Dingo country and even here in the  exuberantly irrational USA.
Dave Jones
Addicted to the Archers in Rochester NY.
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 3   Pete Atkin / Gigs / Re: Pete Done Down on "The Write Stuff"  01.07.06 at 22:04 
You can also "Listen Again" as I do via the BBC website.  The show is available for 7 days  after initial broadcast.  If you listen webwise, as I do, it's actually better than live feed, which is subject to dropouts and strange distortions.  Ah, to hear the Archers again after all  these years !
Which brings me to the subject of Pete's production work.   He's doing a lot more than just "This Sceptred Isle" these days, but the  BBC doesn't do production credits on the website.  You  have to listen to the audio credits.  Would Pete himself care to list his current productions ?
Dave Jones
Producing hot air in Rochester NY.
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 4   Pete Atkin / Words / Re: Clive in New York Times  30.06.06 at 17:19 
Just click on the print icon, you'll get a picture free, ad-free, everything on one page look at the article.  I  like to blow up the  font to where it reads like single column newsprint, 5 to 10 words across, then lounge back and read from 1.5 m or so.  Easier on the aging eyes and neck.  Of course it's easier if you're using Firefox with Flashblock, Adblock etc.
Dave Jones  (for it is he!)
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 5   Not Pete Atkin / Off-topic / Thanks for the reccie, Pete  13.05.05 at 00:39 
Pete recommended the DVD of "Richard Thompson Live in Providence", so may I also draw your attentions to the upcoming "Live in Austin Texas" DVD, which is actually from his set for the Public Broadcasting performance show "Austin City Limits", which normally tends to the C&W end of things, but does branch out from time to time (e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughn, twice).
This imminent release is most joyous, as the broadcast version was cut to 30 minutes so they could cram some C&W singerine into the second half.  Nonetheless RT was in top form, as those who've seen the sample extras on the Providence DVD will know.
I did attend a gig on the same tour as the Providence DVD, so I'm glad to be able to hear the words now!  Sound quality at the local gig was not the best, and it was bloody hot to boot.  My other half couldn't leave soon enough, and I'm sure it wasn't the music....
Danny is on the Texas DVD, looking somewhat larger than I remember from John Martyn gigs....
Dave Jones
Shooting out the lights in Rochester NY
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 6   Atkin admin / Tech / Re: Atkin ring tones?  30.10.04 at 01:01 
I recently switched to an LG phone that uses a fairly common chipset from Qualcomm.  Because my service is P.A.Y.G. it doesn't have all those downloading features, which is good because it's made me get into the technicalities.
My phone, the LG VX 3200, like many other similar phones, will play ".mid" files, which turn out to be either MIDI or MP3.  You can download them from tools like "BitPim" using the USB cable.  As long as they are named "xxxxx.mid" where "xxxxx" is any lowercase name, the phone recognizes them.  
BitPim doesn't fully support the VX 3200 yet, but it does allow general access to the internal filesystem (yes, it has files and folders !) which allows you to place music files and images in the phone's storage.  In the case of music, I have to delete an index file on the phone and then (!!) reboot it.  The phone's own software regenerates the index, including in the new files.  
Of course at the end of all that, I haven't actually put a Pete Atkin file on the phone.  Something like "Thirty Year Man" would work for me, although it's not as distinctive as MOTR.  So far I've got the "Bobby Shaftoe" quote from Arthur Wilkinson's immortal "Three Rivers Fantasy" and a snippet of "In Dulce Jubilo".   I've concentrated more on writing a program to produce image files for the phone, which turn out to be fairly simple bitmap files.  I can sample any image on a PC and convert it to be downloaded to the phone.
Now my phone is not a GSM phone.  It uses CDMA technology.   UK phones might have completely different internals.  There's a good chance, though, that if you can store an MP3 or MIDI as a ".mid" and can download it, you can have anything you want on your phone.  
BitPim(www.bitpim.org) only supports CDMA phones using the Qualcomm chipset and the BREW file system.
Dave Jones
Always ready for a BREW in Rochester NY
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 7   Pete Atkin / Words / Re: Synchronically underwhelmed  25.08.04 at 22:42 
Underwhelmed is the way I have felt after reading one
of Mr. Banks's roccoco SF novels.  He leads you on a merry
chase, but in the end nothing much seems to have transpired,
other than the revelation of whatever mystery he keeps alluding
to in the book.
On the other hand he does have Philip K. Dick's talent for  
presenting you with something both bizarre and intriguing.
I just wish he'd write shorter books !
Dave Jones
In overdrive in Rochester NY
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 8   Pete Atkin / Words / Chock full of nuts....  22.08.04 at 17:50 
For my inaugural offering,here is a quote from the
website of the bee beeb ceeb:
6. Phrase-turner extraordinaire Clive James says he originated the terms "underwhelmed" and "young fogey", but is yet to receive the recognition he deserves. He also says he's particularly proud of his description of the Conan the Barbarian-era Arnold Schwarzenegger as "a brown condom full of walnuts".
I wonder what Clive would call the Governator now.
I think Clive is going a bit too far claiming 'underwhelmed', since
it's such an obvious twist on the original.  Anybody know where
'young fogey' came into being ?
Dave Jones
Phristing twases in Nochester RY
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