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   Author  Thread: Walthamstow  (Read 5542 times)
Richard Bleksley
MV Fixture

My time has come to find a better way

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« : 16.05.05 at 02:19 »

Well, I'm sitting here, letting my memories of the evening sink in, after dragging to the other side of London and back on the Northern and Victoria Lines (with wife and son in tow).
Was it worth it?  Need you ask?
Great to see Andy Love there after his prolonged period of lying low, also to see Janice Sim back in action with pencil and notepad after she had to miss out on PoD.  I noticed that, after the trick Pete played last time at Walthamstow (playing the intro to one song and then singing another), this time she didn't write anything down until he actually began to sing!  A nice suprise was to see, sitting next to Janice, PoD star Naomi Hyamson.
Another nice surprise came after the MC announced a floor singer called Alan, when who should make his way to the stage but our very own Alan Neville?  He performed the acidic and witty "Knights of the Realm" - a song that impressed me at PoD and which I enjoyed just as much tonight - hardly missing a beat when he had the misfortune to break a string.
As for Pete, proudly brandishing his new Atkin guitar, assuring the audience that it wasn't an ego-trip, honestly - well, you won't get a set-list from me, as I'm leaving that to Janice.  But I will say that he seemed in very good voice, also on good form with the witty introductions, keeping the audience chuckling.  The first set got off to a good start with "Thief in the Night," a perennial favourite of mine, but the undoubted highlight of the evening was the first public airing of not one but two new songs.  He stressed that both were still in a state of flux and would probably change before we heard them again; but from what I heard tonight, if they're any indication of the quality of the next album it's going to be a cracker.  I only wish I could remember what they're called - I think the first was something like "I Have Myself to Blame," and I'm pretty sure that the other was "Here We Stay," but no doubt Janice will put me right.
Another highlight for me was that firm MV (and personal) favourite "The Faded Mansion on the Hill."  Pete's announcement of this was greeted by a muted cheer, which caused him to pull a face and say: "Oh dear, I'd better get it right, then."  He needn't have worried, for his performance of it was simply superb.  The same goes for "Canoe," which was the first encore.
All in all, a wonderful set.  Old songs, new songs, covering the while emotional range from the deep melancholy of "History and Geography" to the side-slapping humour of "Star of Tomorrow."  Thank you, Pete, for a wonderful evening.  Why doesn't this man perform more often?  Why doesn't he get a bit more of the recognition he deserves?
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Seán Kelly
MV Fixture

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #1: 16.05.05 at 08:28 »

Cheers Richard - to add anything more would be superfluous - so here I go then!  Pete was in great form last night - and the walthamstow club space is not bad - as he said later, not bad acoustics -and only 5 or 6 police sirens going past during the set (perhaps they're bored and think they'll go and annoy the folkies?! paranoid - me?).  I am pretty sure the title of the song you can't fully remember Richard was "I've got me to thank" - Pete commenting that when you get 'the sweats in the night' it's usually about what you have done yourself.    Both songs although obviously fairly new-born, were showing distinct characteristics of both parents (hhmm let's leave this analogy right here!).  Also as Pete pointed out there are some serious intimations of mortality on the new songs.  Here's to the next album - As John Savill said "we are not a demanding bunch ; an album a year would do!"   Smiley
Amazing value last night as well - two roughly hour-long sets from Pete not to mention the locals purveying all that east end folk-club stuff (music hall songs as well as plenty of other stuff - I enjoyed the couple who played the Cyril Tawney song accompanied by tenor guitar) - all for a fiver.  I had a great time - and felt a bit bad cycling off home at the end when others had to travel (or stay in hotels)- I do like these local gigs Smiley    Always good to see other MV's - and Thanks again Pete for a great time!
ps Richard W - sorry I didn't see your question above re starting time in enough time to reply beforehand - & cheers for stopping me from losing my camera case!
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Gerry Smith
MV Moderator

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #2: 16.05.05 at 12:45 »

Well, I missed it again.  No excuse really - just tired and shagged out after my own gigging endeavours earlier in South London.  Sounds as though I missed a good night and I'll very much look forward to hearing the new songs.  An acquaintance from a local folk club in Tunbridge Wells made the effort to get there so I'll be sure to ask him for his insights.  
How beautiful they are the gigs you miss....
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Out playing the saxes
MV Fresher

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #3: 16.05.05 at 18:05 »

I was there last night, really enjoyed it.
After leading my wife in completely the wrong direction from the tube station (mm, Walthamstow High Street is _so_ pretty on a Sunday evening!) we finally got to the pub. Whispered to the barmaid, "Where's the, er, music?" She screamed, "Music? Oh, you mean the FOLK! Man over here wants the FOLK music!!!" (This was my first trip to a real folk club, so the proper fingers-in-ear performances in the interval were a bit of a shock! I was waiting for Tinker's Rucksack to come on stage! Still it is continuing a vital musical tradition...)  
By the time we got there, we'd missed the first number, "Thief in the Night", which my wife was sad about, as it's one of her favourites. We had to perch on the windowsill at the side - my back's suffering for it today!
Of the familiar songs, I really enjoyed Canoe and Faded Mansion on the Hill. The two new songs sounded great. The "war march" song (can't remember title?) seemed to be a good partner to the grim sentiments of one of my favourite Atkin oldies "No Dice". I also enjoyed hearing "Star of Tomorrow" for the first time.
I enjoyed last night even more than when we saw Pete and Clive in Croydon a couple of years ago. This was a more intimate venue and I think Pete's performances with simple guitar and electric piano through a small PA system sounded great.  
(One thing that has slightly put me off the two recent albums are the laid-back jazzier arrangements and the "vibesy" keyboard sounds. The arrangements on the 70s albums still sound very fresh to me. I think if Pete has a new album planned, it would be great to keep the arrangements simpler and more acoustic like the performances last night.)
Anyway, thanks again Pete for a great night!
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MV Fellow

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #4: 18.05.05 at 00:39 »

Sorry this setlist is a bit late but I had a long way to go to get home.
As others have said it was a good gig on Sunday night in Walthamstow.
Nice to see Andy, John, Sean and Richard again and also to meet Naomi
for the first time. Most MVs will be familiar with that strange dilemma
when you're at a gig trying to spot MVs you haven't met before. This
time it was easy, as she signed in she gave her name! There were a few
more Voices there than have been mentioned so far. I recognised faces but
wasn't able to put names to them.  
Fancy Richard Bleksley noticing my caution at committing pencil to
paper! Yes it was deliberate but it was much more fun the other way (and
often I could get the title down long before the song started properly)
The setlist was:
1. Thief in the night (g)
This was the first appearance of the Atkin and it was appropriate that
its first song was TITN as it was for the Taylor in the afternoon session at CoD in 2001.  
2. History and geography (k)
Up to its usual standard.
3. Apparition in Las Vegas (g)  
All about middle-aged ladies travelling long distances to hear the music they loved in their youth sung by a bloke who is still a great performer, no doubt meeting friends who they haven't seen for some time with the same musical tastes and having a
lovely and memorable evening.  Cool
4. An empty table (k)
This was absolutely beautiful. The only improvement would be to hear it
played on a good piano.
5. I've got me to thank (k)
Pete said he tried to write a corny tune for this one, well I didn't
think it was but others may disagree. As has been said this is a "middle
of the night" song and very depressing it is too.  
6. But here we stay (g)  
This revisits the theme mentioned by Clive from time to time - the guilt of the survivor. The rhythm was vaguely military but as I listened I thought that the melody would be
interesting with a more relaxed rhythm and I see that I wrote a note saying "would be good on keyboard". Looking forward to hearing both songs again, once is never enough.  
7. Star of tomorrow (g)
8. Carecharmer sleep (g)
New guitar sounded good.
9. Get it out of your head (k)
Thanks Pete for playing this one. One of my all time favourites.
10. Girl on the train (g)
11. The faded mansion on the hill (k)
12. Sessionman's blues (k)
13, Stranger in town (g)
Its very funny, beautifully done but I always think he could be singing
two other songs whilst doing that introduction.
14. Senior citizens (g)
15. Ballad of an upstairs window (g)
16. Canoe (k)
17. Ice cream man (k)
It was a varied and interesting programme with a polished delivery but a
rather uneventful shirt.
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S J Birkill
MV Administrator

just a sensible reserve

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Re: Walthamstow -- photos!
« Reply #5: 18.05.05 at 16:04 »

Photos here.
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Stephen J Birkill
Leslie Moss
MV Fixture

Marmite Soldier

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #6: 18.05.05 at 18:07 »

Grrr Grrr. I'd intended to be there until them wot pays my salary decreed that I should be in Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning. I actually arrived back at Heathrow at 5.30pm but having spent 14 of the previous 24 hours on a plane, Walthamstow was one step too far. But two new songs - curses (well, not really but you know what I mean), plus Richard, Naomi, Andy, Sean, Janice et al (that Al gets everywhere!).
Here's to the next gig - another Eastbourne outing?
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Pete Atkin
MV Deity

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #7: 19.05.05 at 09:57 »

Actually, Al was there.
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Gerry Smith
MV Moderator

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #8: 20.05.05 at 00:38 »

on 19.05.05 at 09:57, Pete Atkin wrote:
Actually, Al was there.

Mr Manton, we presume?
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Out playing the saxes
Pete Atkin
MV Deity

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #9: 20.05.05 at 11:09 »

Actually, I was thinking of the abovementioned Mr Neville -- though I was perhaps presumptuous in my over-familiar shortening of his forename.
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Alan Manton
MV Friend

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Re: Walthamstow
« Reply #10: 30.05.05 at 16:31 »

Thanks Gerry, for presuming that the "Al" was me.  It would have been a bit difficult, however, as I was indulging in one of the few pastimes that I consider worth missing a PA gig for namely standing on the back of a narrowboat cruising the canals of Cheshire and Shropshire.  My two week holiday was booked back in November and it started just a tantalising two days before Pete's gig.  
Actually, if there are any other canalaholics out there you would realise that I simply have not been adventurous enough.  Given slightly different timing, I could have brought the boat all the way from Cheshire quite close to Walthamstow on the River Lee.  The round trip could be done in no more than three to four weeks!  If Sean can do it by bike...
Anyway it sound like it was a great night and I look forward to the next opportunity - especially to hear those new songs.
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You gotta help me doc...
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