The Last Post (That Silences The Voices)

Ian Sorensen's alternative lyric to the Pete Atkin / Clive James song 'The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley'

When Steve Birkill silences the Voices,
Look back, to read the pages on the screen
Sylfest is forced to make some choices
Are the lyrics Clive's or are they Joyce's?
Then realise the line's a mondegreen.

When Steve Birkill silences the chatter,
Look back, to Pete's confession now and then
Some songs had words he couldn't master
So he drowned them with his Stratocaster
The axe is mightier than the pen.

When Steve Birkill silences the clamour,
Look back, to see how often you appear
Mel Powell in no uncertain manner
Takes Clive apart, unbolts him with a spanner
His metaphors are murder to her ear.

When Steve Birkill says the fun is over
Look back, to every time you got annoyed
Makes you wonder why you ever bother
Too obscure and erudite an oeuvre
But you'll see, when the last nuance is covered
There are Midnight Voices working on Pink Floyd

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