A King Of Diamonds

(alternative lyric by Yuval Gabay)

The ace is on a string right up your sleeve
But you don't need it yet
You draw one card and look at what you get
A king of diamonds

   You're gonna have to try to play with this
   As you bluff or cheat or mumble all your prayers
   And blank your face to miss
   The keen discerning eyes of the four players

You bet your skateboard, rollerblades and skis
And hope that those will do
But what if they all bet right back at you?
A king of diamonds

   You're gonna have to learn how high to raise
   And that means plenty for these greedy gleaners
   'Cause folding never pays
   Unless you're working night shifts at the dry cleaner's

The player next to you just raised his car
You gaze across the room
The hand that you were dealt now deals your doom
A king of diamonds

   You're gonna have to call him with your van
   And raise with your beloved eighteen-wheeler
   You wonder if you can
   Get everybody drinking and bribe the dealer

You have the queen of diamonds, jack and ten
And then you feel the string
Just think of what the diamond ace might bring
But a spade ace - simply doesn't mean a thing
A king of diamonds
A king of diamonds

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