Thief in the Night

Parody lyric by Don Bowen for the Atkin/James song 'Thief In The Night'.

A guitar's, like, a thief in the night
That baby just wails, screams and squeals
A guitar's, like, a ride on a bike
Except it has strings, and don't have no wheels
Guitars, like you babe are highly strung girl
They play great licks, a bit like your tongue girl
Keep strummin' me baby, I'm lovin' the way that it feels

And a guy who's spanking the plank for fun
Is dreaming someday he'll make number one
And then he can buy a big house for his mum.
Guitars are maple and plywood and glue
I'm sticking to mine like some gum to a shoe
- But don't fret girl 'cos ah lurv only yew
And the stars in the skies fill my eyes dooby dooby doo doo

   Long ginger males who rap their spittle into microphones
   They don't play on no guitars, they use decks 'n loops 'n DATs
   And some samples from a single by The Stones
   But be fair and give guitars their due
   Plug one in and turn it up inside your bedroom
   You feel instantly so sharp and crazy
   Left handers feel Purple Hazy too

A guitar's kinda wooden and stiff
A bit like the acting in Home and Away
A guitar's, like, dead good for a riff
(Them things what you often hear Keef Richards play)
One day I'll be a world-famous riffer
I'll be more famous than Claudia Schiffer
So stick with me baby, my first single's due out today ...

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